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5 hours ago, The Bear said:

Wife tells her husband to make the back garden look nice, so he has a model T-Rex craned into it as a surprise. She didn't come back from work until dark though...


Adrian hoped to surprise her in the morning by opening the bedroom blinds and revealing the new garden feature. But their dog had other ideas.


Adrian said: "The dog woke her up at 4am to take him out into the garden for a wee. Whilst I slept soundly she lead the dog downstairs, opened the back door for him and then put the powerful garden security light on." 


"She recounted the experience to me in what can only be described as 'colourful terms' this morning, it didn't sound very pleasant."


However, Adrian said he is confident that he can still win her around and keep the dinosaur that he has called Dave.





Didn't realise @Cheese was from Leamington?

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5 hours ago, Trav Le Bleu said:

 Cheers. I spent several minutes trying to find the original, to no avail.

My only takeaway from that is that is that there is now a maths periodic table! When the fvck did that happen?! How am I supposed to help my daughter with that?

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2 hours ago, ThurmastonFox said:


The little fellas are all from one household - they're fine.



Her, on the other hand...she's the one that's going to cause the problems

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