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40 minutes ago, Tuna said:

Oddly this reminds me of a traffic accident I went to near Twycross Zoo. 2 guys were in a van with a double cab (3 front seats and 3 behind). The guy in the passenger seat nearest the door decided at some point to go and lie down for a snooze on the rear bench seats. The van was on the wrong side of the road coming round a bend (too fast) and was hit on the passenger side by a truck. The space which had been occupied by the guy who moved to the back seats was entirely crushed. If he had not decided to go for a nap, he'd have been annihilated. I was just amazed by his good fortune and luck. Not destined to leave the world on that day. Equally surprising, the driver also walked away shocked but uninjured.

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45 minutes ago, Free Falling Foxes said:

Just spent a minute watching a silent 15 sec video looping on this thread not understanding what was at all funny about it. Then I realised, it was a ad appearing between two other posts. :facepalm:

Ahh so I’m not the only  one

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3 minutes ago, davieG said:

Here's a blast from the past


No photo description available.


We used to get lots of these types of things going around at work do people still see these?

Takes me back.

There was another we had that related to excuses for calling in sick and their correct interpretation. One was, which is quite apt in the current circumstances:

'I've caught that bug that is going around.'

Correct interpretation:

I'm not missing this opportunity.


There were several others excuses/real reasons too. I searched for it on t'internet but couldn't find it anywhere.


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