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On 09/04/2021 at 17:31, SouthStandUpperTier said:


Beautifully styled-out. But perhaps leave the social media until you're stationary next time.

Literally did the same thing once - though before mobiles were a thing!! It was snowing a blizzard and I pulled out of a road on my bike with my cap down and SPLAT bloody Fox Cub in my way. Didn’t style it out though, collapsed in a heap with a cut nose and people asking me if I was okay. 

For years I was the kid at school who cycled into a bus... 🥺😄

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1 hour ago, shen said:

But they're not exactly in the woods are they? :dunno: I didn't know khaki acted as camouflage on the streets :ph34r:


52 minutes ago, Blarmy said:

I just see it as generally they don’t want to be seen, but temporarily they do. 


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, guys.

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