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80s Classics

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3 hours ago, rico said:



Well, you brought back some great memories with that one, Rico ("great", broadly defined).....


In my mind, that's forever associated with a dark, deserted railway siding outside Ostend at 2am en route to Euro 1988.


My mate and I had got the ferry (pre-tunnel days) and were in our compartment, waiting for the night train to head off for Germany.

Suddenly, we heard a load of rowdy England fans pile into the compartment immediately behind us.


Then they all started..... "Doctor Whoo--oooo...Aaaaggghhhh! FVCK!!!! Doctor Whoo--oooo...Aaaaggghhhh! Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!"....cue what sounded like a dozen blokes repeatedly booting the partition behind our heads.

This went on for quite some time....but fortunately they never opted to come and greet us in our compartment.


2am in a Belgian railway siding wouldn't have been an attractive place to die....though it would have saved us watching a dismal showing by England.

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9 hours ago, Leicester_Loyal said:


Felt weird putting this in the 90s Classics thread. In my defence it was recorded in 1989, so it's going in here instead.

Just played this over breakfast and had forgotten how much I loved this song

Cheers bud

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