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14 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

Chilwell and Barnes yeah but Choudhury is nothing special. Hopefully Thomas will come on well but there's a few years in him yet.


Don't forget Stearman also. He had a good PL career with Wolves after leaving us.

I suppose you could argue for Schlupp, as well.

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9 hours ago, urban fox said:

I too am optimistic for the forthcoming campaign. Whilst i accept many of @volpeazzurro points which are well made and balanced as opposed to the brainless rants of many of the doom and gloom merchants, i think we have what it takes to mount another serious assault on the top 6 again this time around.  We have just, or so it appears, signed a quality versatile player, who the detractors seem to forget is in the squad of one of the highest ranked international sides (who we also have two other members of on the books).  I also believe that  our business is not finished yet this window and that we will see more new faces.  This transfer window is a strange one with quarantines, buying clubs unwilling or unable to splash the cash (apart from the usual suspects) and selling clubs desperate not to lose their assets to the encircling sharks (possibly ourselves included) at knock down prices. Players themselves will also likely be nervous of uprooting families etc. in these uncertain times.

I do agree however, that we need to re-find that swagger and directness that we had throughout 2019 when we were ripping teams apart for fun. I have no problem playing out from the back and building but we do need to do it a bit quicker and mix it up a little. One thing i would like to see more often is us swapping wingers, and possibly midfielders (especially like to see YT in more advanced positions) to keep opposing teams guessing where different players are going to pop up.

All in all though, we DO have the talent, when everyone is fit and on top of their game to compete at the right end of the table. Lets not forget we have a multitude of international players, last seasons golden boot winner, a seriously good senior management set up (if Carlsberg made football club owners....) and a new state of the art training ground almost complete. 

There is plenty to be optimistic about and that is something totally different to entitlement, that some on here seem to think that we should have (Even if we actually signed Messi, Suarez, et al there would be moaners complaining that they are too old, past it, too expensive and so on).

We are LCFC, we do not do things the easy way and there is nothing certain in football. We are in better shape than we have ever been as a club so just enjoy the ride.

Yes I absolutely agree, I think we have a lot of players that are the envy of many other teams in the Premiership. With regards to my past comments and opinions about Rodgers, it's a new season and it's unrealistic to perhaps expect a manager to get everything right and he is still evolving as well. There's been enough time to mull over successes and mistakes and hopefully he will have learned from what were essentially two extremes. I think that top 6 is a realistic aim should our better players stay fit. Losing Vardy would leave us very exposed and it's the one position above all others that worries me. 

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1 minute ago, Spudulike said:

At the start of the season I think that most of us would've have been happy to have 9 points on the board after 4 games going into the international break. Despite today, I am. 

It is above my expectations, just sad we threw in a terrible game today 

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If we don't beat Villa the wheels could come right off again. Arsenal, Leeds, Wolves Liverpool follow. 


Could struggle in all of those. I'd argue Villa should be considered a important game to win to go onto those harder ones following

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9 points from the next 3, and we'll be looking at the result against Arsenal in the same way as the title season - an inconvenience that made us all panic a little too much. 

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