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  1. The Prince

    defence of Puel by John Collins

    I think this is the point. I’m not sure there are many ‘Puel in’ people who are convinced he is the man to take us forward. It is simply that we crave stability (sick of the managerial merry-go-round) and have seen enough under Puel to believe it might just work out if we are patient. Of course it’s frustrating at times, slightly boring at times but reasons given many times on this forum are all valid (young players, transition, etc). He he has not helped himself at times and that adds fuel to the fire but to argue it's all going backwards is simply not true.
  2. The Prince

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    I’ve been Puel in just because of craving stability but certainly wouldn’t shed a tear if he left. First thing I always do when looking at team sheet is check if Morgan is starting. My heart sinks a little every time he does. In my opinion, he’s not been good enough for two years now. Ultimately, we just have too many players in key positions who simply don’t have a football brain. Morgan is one but Ndidi, Mendy, Gray (had a decent game today), Simpson are just as bad. Really disappointed to see Hamza dropped who I think has been one of our best players for the last month. Ndidi’s pass in injury time was so stupid I could have cried. Sums him up really. It’s not so much about the ability to play the pass but the thought that it was the right pass to play. Really not sure what happens next but if Morgan, Ndidi and Mendy all start the next game, I think it would make my mind up for me.
  3. The Prince

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I was really annoyed with Vardy to be honest. Whether it is a sending off or not, the point is he simply didn't need to do it. It was a 70-30 in his favour and all he needed to do was nip the ball away from the defender. A really silly decision from Vards, especially knowing that Mike Dean was ref.
  4. The Prince


    An interesting discussion. It seems a number of people have written Puel off after a questionable last 15 games or more. I've been willing to give Puel time to adjust the team to his style with his players, even through a number of turgid games last season. As I have stated before, I've seen enough promising signs to think he has half a chance of succeeding. I would suggest that nobody can be completely confident with Puel and the jury must still be out but surely we go in to the season with optimism until we have it knocked out of us by poor performances and results. You never know. It might not be that bad!
  5. The Prince

    The Riddle in the Puzzle Wrapped in a Conundrum

    Great OP! Despite the awful performance on Saturday, not much has really changed. Those who believe Puel should be given time to get his own players should still believe this. That said, the decision to bring Morgan back in does worry me. I cannot think of a reasonable explanation for this. I watched the the game against Palace and while things did conspire against a little in the second half, we cannot continue to start games so slowly. My biggest worry with Puel is that some players really aren't trying for him. Maybe there is no way back once this happens. I guess it depends on the amount of players and how important they are to our future development. One thing I would add is this craving from our fans (skewed by our season of miracles) for this exciting, attacking football is perhaps a little idealistic. I've just watched Man Utd v Arsenal (two of the big six) and it was dull. The facts are that other than Man City, Liverpool and maybe Spurs, there really aren't any other teams doing this with an consistency. Ask any manager if they want to play brilliant, attractive, free flowing football and I am positive all would say yes. Clearly it's not that simple without an exceptional squad of players. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount to improve on but I have seen enough from Puel to think he has a chance of succeeding.