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  1. The Prince

    The Riddle in the Puzzle Wrapped in a Conundrum

    Great OP! Despite the awful performance on Saturday, not much has really changed. Those who believe Puel should be given time to get his own players should still believe this. That said, the decision to bring Morgan back in does worry me. I cannot think of a reasonable explanation for this. I watched the the game against Palace and while things did conspire against a little in the second half, we cannot continue to start games so slowly. My biggest worry with Puel is that some players really aren't trying for him. Maybe there is no way back once this happens. I guess it depends on the amount of players and how important they are to our future development. One thing I would add is this craving from our fans (skewed by our season of miracles) for this exciting, attacking football is perhaps a little idealistic. I've just watched Man Utd v Arsenal (two of the big six) and it was dull. The facts are that other than Man City, Liverpool and maybe Spurs, there really aren't any other teams doing this with an consistency. Ask any manager if they want to play brilliant, attractive, free flowing football and I am positive all would say yes. Clearly it's not that simple without an exceptional squad of players. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount to improve on but I have seen enough from Puel to think he has a chance of succeeding.
  2. Soccer Saturday is about to start. Brace yourselves for some balanced discussion from the 'experts' about Leicesters treatment of Riyad.
  3. The Prince

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    To come away from that match and be negative is just strange. I guess that is just a reflection of people's personalities. Personally I was a little frustrated for parts of that match. First half was a little pedestrian and second half, we were wasteful after a number of opportunities to kill the came off but the positives out away the negatives by such a long way. We we have genuine quality in every department. The likes of Amartey and Dragovic came in and did an excellent job. We can certainly look for areas of improvement but to moan about that performance (and the majority of performances under Puel) is odd. As some have already said, if you've watched city for any length of time you must appreciate the football we are currently watching.
  4. The Prince

    Chilwell is amazing

    I’m not suggesting he is as good as Bale or ever will be but he has all the attributes to be a very successful premier league footballer, hopefully for us.
  5. The Prince

    Chilwell is amazing

    There really has been some ridiculous criticism of Chilwell. I've followed his career from his academy days (as he played in the same academy side as my friends son) and he was head and shoulders above anyone else at that level. Anyone with even a modicum of football intelligence can see he is a Roll's Royce of a player. The way he glides across the pitch reminds me very much of Gareth Bale and his ability to maintain his pace while running with the ball. Still got got things to learn? Definitely but I believe he will be left back for England one day.
  6. The Prince

    Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Really good performance. Dominating Chelsea’s midfield is a sign we are on the right track. I think we can all agree that I our progression under Puel continues (well nearly all).
  7. The Prince

    Chelsea (A) pre-match

    I give us half a chance today. Got a fiver on at 18-1 for Leicester win and both teams to score so it may be more blind hope than realistic expectation. We do have a chance though, don't we? Please somebody tell me have at least a chance of winning.
  8. Great article! Anyone who reads that and writes Matty James off hasn't read it properly. It may be that he never establishes himself as a top class prem player but you get the feeling he won't leave anything on the pitch. Go on Matty!!
  9. The Prince

    Change in Style?

    I think we do need to evolve and have the capability to control games when winning. Most important thing for for me is to get back to consistently high pressing, especially early on. I always feel we are going to play well when we are winning the ball back in the oppositions defensive third. We we actually did this well against Man Utd for 25-30 minutes and then got pinned back. I guess we start to run out of steam. Control of the football when we have it would certainly help a high press for 90 minutes.
  10. The Prince

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Imagine going down like that in local football. You would get abuse from your own teammates, let alone the opposition.
  11. The Prince

    Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Exactly right. Expecting someone like Mahrez to 'pull his weight' is an old school English mentality. The people who moan about Riyad are the same ones who shout "get it forward" when our defence dare to pass it across the back three or four times.
  12. I am amazed at the number of doubters. What more could the man do to deserve a chance? Anyone with a modicum of common sense could see that the slow end to the season was a combination of factors such as resting players before cl games or playing sides who are still a level above us, not to mention some poor reffing decisions. Obviously there is some risk but there would be with literally any manager.
  13. Great news!! Best man for the job.
  14. The Prince

    Harvey Barnes

    Having spoken to someone who works in and around the first team about this lad, he assures me that he has everything needed to be a top class footballer. He is technically superb and is now becoming physically strong, however it is his attitude that sets him apart from some of the others knocking on the door of the first team. Brilliant head on his shoulders, humble and learns very quickly. Compare him to Lawrence, who is clearly gifted but apparently thinks a little too much of himself. Trying to not get too carried away but I believe we have a serious footballer. Whether or not he plays regularly this season will obviously depend on a number of factors such as player signings, manager in charge, formation, etc.
  15. The Prince

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    Wonderful player. The best I've seen in 35 years of watching Leicester. Even though performances have dropped this season, I would argue nearly everything good in an attacking sense, comes through him. I fear we will never see his like again here. I do have some knowledge of his situation and am led to believe he is desperate to live in London.