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  1. Great article! Anyone who reads that and writes Matty James off hasn't read it properly. It may be that he never establishes himself as a top class prem player but you get the feeling he won't leave anything on the pitch. Go on Matty!!
  2. Change in Style?

    I think we do need to evolve and have the capability to control games when winning. Most important thing for for me is to get back to consistently high pressing, especially early on. I always feel we are going to play well when we are winning the ball back in the oppositions defensive third. We we actually did this well against Man Utd for 25-30 minutes and then got pinned back. I guess we start to run out of steam. Control of the football when we have it would certainly help a high press for 90 minutes.
  3. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Imagine going down like that in local football. You would get abuse from your own teammates, let alone the opposition.
  4. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Exactly right. Expecting someone like Mahrez to 'pull his weight' is an old school English mentality. The people who moan about Riyad are the same ones who shout "get it forward" when our defence dare to pass it across the back three or four times.
  5. I am amazed at the number of doubters. What more could the man do to deserve a chance? Anyone with a modicum of common sense could see that the slow end to the season was a combination of factors such as resting players before cl games or playing sides who are still a level above us, not to mention some poor reffing decisions. Obviously there is some risk but there would be with literally any manager.
  6. Great news!! Best man for the job.
  7. Harvey Barnes

    Having spoken to someone who works in and around the first team about this lad, he assures me that he has everything needed to be a top class footballer. He is technically superb and is now becoming physically strong, however it is his attitude that sets him apart from some of the others knocking on the door of the first team. Brilliant head on his shoulders, humble and learns very quickly. Compare him to Lawrence, who is clearly gifted but apparently thinks a little too much of himself. Trying to not get too carried away but I believe we have a serious footballer. Whether or not he plays regularly this season will obviously depend on a number of factors such as player signings, manager in charge, formation, etc.
  8. Mahrez has asked to leave

    Wonderful player. The best I've seen in 35 years of watching Leicester. Even though performances have dropped this season, I would argue nearly everything good in an attacking sense, comes through him. I fear we will never see his like again here. I do have some knowledge of his situation and am led to believe he is desperate to live in London.
  9. Everton post match 2-4

    Fully accept making changes with Wednesday in mind but as others have said, really showed our squad depth is poor considering the money spent. No right back cover for Simpson, no quality cover in midfield (King and Mendy not good enough). But given this, I was annoyed by our performance. Kind of understandable to have one eye on Wednesday and players intensity clearly wasn't 100% but what bemused was our decision making. Frankly bizarre at times. Drinkwater, possibly being the biggest culprit. I like Danny but his form is worrying. Benny obviously poor today but I'm not too worried. I think he is capable of playing well on Wednesday. Last thing to to add is my dislike for Everton fans. Horrible! They actually boo more than they cheer. What a depressing place it must be most of the season. Anyway, confident we will be back at it on Wednesday.
  10. Tactical Changes

    High pressing, being on the front foot all over the pitch, Fullbacks venturing forward. It truly has been a return to what got us success. One thing that stands out for me is that these last four games have dispelled the myth that Vardy needs thirty yards of space to run into to be effective. If you win the ball back higher up the field, the pass in to Vardy is played quicker and with more accuracy. With his pace, he really only needs ten yards to run in to. Drinkwater, Mahrez etc were being forced to play long balls from deep for vardy but this proved impossible when sides set up to stop us doing so.
  11. Hull (h) pre match 04/03/17

    I've gone back to wearing my retro city top this week, like I did all last season and seems to be doing the job. Confident today! 4-1!
  12. Yesterday my dream died

    What a man! This time yesterday I was undecided as to if he should be sacked or not. The way I have felt since the news broke tells me I didn't want him to go. Looking forward to singing his name with all the heart I can give on Monday. God bless Claudio!
  13. Just watched Gary Nevilles analysis of our defending against Swansea on MNF and my heart sank. I am trying to retain some optimism but we are a shambles at the back. I don't know if Claudio has a defensive coach but it is alarming to see it picked apart like this. It is also interesting to see the knock on affect our defensive positioning had on a player like Drinkwater. Cant bring myself to call for Ranieri's head but not sure we can wriggle out of this predicament.
  14. A question of balance

    Excellent post from op. Nice to read comments from people without an agenda (Ranieri in, Ranieri out, Pearson back, King is our best midfielder). Balance in the side as well as a balanced squad are critical however I believe it is now deeper issue, The teams mental approach. It starts with the back four who at their best are front foot defenders, attacking the ball rather than being indecisive. Sinclair is a perfect example. So good at times last season and even some games this season. He looks completely unsure wether to stick or twist. The free kick that led to the first goal on Sunday was down to Huth's hesitancy. If he had committed to that challenge early, he would have won the ball comfortably. The team as a whole start on the back foot. It's a case of starting slowly and with a solid shape, hoping to grow in to the game and eventually taking control. Inevitably, we concede and are chasing the game. This is were I assume Ranieri is a problem (although we can't be sure). I genuinely believe we have a good team who with the right approach can get us out of this mess. Imagine going in to the game with one intention, to score the first goal. We simply never take the lead. Remember the great escape? In the last nine games, we must have been 2-0 up in twenty minutes in four or five of them. We started games with such intensity. Team selection, formation all have a part to play but I cannot help think our approach needs to change. Time to twist Claudio!
  15. Mind over Matters

    Totally agree with foxinsocks. Their current mentality is one of not making mistakes rather than risk and reward. When players are asked to be braver, it is not so much about throwing themselves in front of shots, etc (although this is obviously important.) It is more about a player being prepared to receive the ball with a man up his backside or passing it ten yards through a crowded midfield. Andy (percentages) King is a classic example. He is neat, tidy, a good reader of the game (and what it's worth, I like him as a squad player) but when was the last time he rolled is marker and carried the play ten or twenty yards up field? He is cautious beyond belief. I played in midfield at a decent standard and always feel that if I had contributed the same amount as King usually does, I would come off the field just a little disappointed in myself. It can be summed up with a golfing analogy. When standing on a tee with driver in hand, the ability to see the wide open fairway rather than out of bounds markers all the way down the right hand side or the water hazard makes such a difference. The best golfers can actually aim down the right hand side of the fairway and draw the ball away from trouble but it doesn't half take some balls. May be its time for city to take risk in order to score a goal. I can't help think that this caution comes from Ranieri.