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  1. Please please please will people stop justifying the penalty because of contact. It’s an absolute load of balls. I know football is a game of opinions but there can be no other opinion than Mane dived. He should be being castigated for that. Appalling decision from a ref itching to give it.
  2. Always sad when a Leicester manager gets sacked. Hoped he would get it right but correct decision has been made. I just hope whoever we appoint gets a fair crack. Of the names mentioned, I think Rodgers is our best bet. Benitez doesn’t fill me with optimism at all but if he gets the job, he will get my full support. The minimum any manager should expect I reckon.
  3. I think this is the point. I’m not sure there are many ‘Puel in’ people who are convinced he is the man to take us forward. It is simply that we crave stability (sick of the managerial merry-go-round) and have seen enough under Puel to believe it might just work out if we are patient. Of course it’s frustrating at times, slightly boring at times but reasons given many times on this forum are all valid (young players, transition, etc). He he has not helped himself at times and that adds fuel to the fire but to argue it's all going backwards is simply not true.
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