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  1. Lazlo Steel

    Mahrez - Chelsea/Arsenal

    Tbf, there's something he could have done about that. I love him, but he was a passenger against PSG, Barca, and Man Utd.
  2. Lazlo Steel

    Loic Remy

    They probably think that just because he's black. *ducks*
  3. Lazlo Steel

    Next Leicester City Manager Odds

    Re: Celtic's record in the CL - am I mistaken or didn't they go through a period of 30+ away games without a win? I know he got the odd decent result at home and got out of the group stages at one point, but I don't recall his Celtic team being described as anything other than brave losers most of the time (and there were some similar standard teams in their groups, they weren't just playing Barcelona and Bayern every week). I really hope it's not Lennon as I think it's a backwards step. However, as a former playing legend I hope that if it is him he gets a decent honeymoon period to prove most of us wrong without the fans on his back after a few games if we're struggling.
  4. Lazlo Steel

    Jamie Vardy

    Bakayogo. Every manager signs their share of flops, but Pearson (and Walsh et al) have certainly got it right far, far more often than they've got it wrong.
  5. Lazlo Steel

    Describe this season in 3 words (ish).

    Piece of piss
  6. Lazlo Steel

    Pearson sacked - Not just yet.

    Might stay away from here for a few days. The gloating from one side and the back-biting from the other is going to be unbearable. I didn't want to see him sacked, and I think the timing is bizarre. That said, it's a results game and we are bottom for a reason. I get the sacking, just don't really feel like celebrating. I dread to think who we're going to end up with...
  7. Lazlo Steel

    Crystal Palace Pre-Match Thread

    Isn't that more to do with no longer having Colin in charge though? I'd imagine you'll get even better once those two are back in and will see out the rest of the season pretty comfortably. Hope you enjoy the match, just not the result...
  8. Lazlo Steel

    FA to change work permit process

    Cue clubs paying over the odds just to ensure they get a work permit. Let's face it, I'm pretty sure we would have chucked a little extra to Reijka to get around the process if that was what was required.
  9. Lazlo Steel

    Marc Albrighton

    And Upson...
  10. Lazlo Steel

    Tomas sivok

    "He is well known as the 'Golden Head' amongst the Beşiktaş fans due to his dominant capability of scoring headers from set pieces." That's good enough for me!
  11. Lazlo Steel

    City table £7.9m bid for Croatian striker Kramaric

    Why? Your nervousness makes me nervous... Basically lurked for the last few years, but I've been refreshing this thread for three days and thought I could help out.
  12. Lazlo Steel

    City table £7.9m bid for Croatian striker Kramaric

    According to Wikipedia (bastion of truth) :http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_movement_for_workersCroatians are still subject to transitional restrictions in the UK until 2018. Doesn't mean that he will be rejected, just that his right to work in the UK isn't automatic. Or July 2015 as mentioned above. Conflicting sources on that page.