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  1. Not going to be Maddison's best game. I hope he proves me wrong but I can't see him doing much today.
  2. Quite harsh to say he was poor tonight - I'd say he actually had quite a good game. The flaw tonight was tactical - at first we were too narrow with both Wes and Albrighton dropping in - so Robertson got too much joy wide on the left. Then Albrighton shifted to go wider - so Mane began to really exploit that space between him and Wes. We lost the tactical battle today, and really missed both Castagne, for quality play down the right, and Ndidi, to allow us to push up the pitch a little more and still cover space in front of the defence. We wi
  3. Got a few months to go before looking like a player.
  4. Bit worrying for me. Pep has gone strikerless, so our 3 at the back will get pulled all over the place. Still, at least we're not trying to go toe-to-toe...
  5. Yes. And the first name is pronounced 'Jengeez'
  6. Zaha is a fantastic dribbler and one of the most skilful players in the league, but we need goals from wide. We need a natural finisher to bury the many chances we create. Which Zaha is not.
  7. I have been at times very critical of Rodgers this season and probably in this thread, particularly in the big games - but I think he did a good job today. Tactically spot on - we just need a bit more quality. The unfortunate thing is that it's now a bit of a catch-22 - we needed CL to attract top players, so this window will definitely be harder work. I am however not optimistic at all about the transfer window as I have yet to see any evidence from Rodgers that he knows what he's doing in that area. Let's hope he proves us wrong...
  8. Good, take one down with you lad.
  9. I don't think that's fair. We have been excellent today until then.
  10. The right change for sure. Perez's touch is infinitely better in critical areas. Let's hope we get more chances like we did in the first half...
  11. The reason why we can't pass it forward is because we only have one guy who can receive it in space - Vardy. Also outstanding tackle from Justin.
  12. Justin wasn't - Nacho instead decided to take a punt from distance with his weak foot
  13. Sit a bit deeper and play fast and on the counter. But he's far too arrogant to do that! See the games against Man City and Liverpool earlier this season...
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