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  1. This post aged well...
  2. Fantastic player - most fans don't know what we have here in King or realise quite how good he is - the Welsh (English) Lampard! The King of Wales himself! He's been misused in the latter part of his career. Stick him in a midfield three, let him arrive late into the box and he will get you goals. Not at all physically suited to playing in the middle in a 4-4-2. Hopefully Rodgers figures it out.
  3. Yes you're right, Ndidi looked to be in treacle. Absolutely stationary.
  4. Simpson entirely at fault there. Poor ball into the box and then jogged back, nowhere near good enough covering. You could see Wes was fuming and looked straight to him.
  5. He's not the sort that'll go around and chase it like Kante. He'll sit deep in front of the back 4 and spray passes around. Bit more like a Michael Carrick. Physically he's nowhere near Kante. Mendy can't run with the ball, he won't get forward, but has better passing range.
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