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  1. 3 at the back? Kasper Arm, Morgan, Maguire Albrighton, Fuchs, James Drinky Mahrez Slim, Vardy ?
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    They also have Gundogan. They are gonna be up there next season if they can be consistent!
  3. Number 10 role

    What about Tom Lawrence? Where has he been playing for Blackburn? Might be worth a go in that role.
  4. Villa up next... Early thoughts?

    I would love us to play 3 at the back, but I dont think the Tinkerman will, I think he will persist with 4 at the back, but I hope I am wrong.
  5. Football Manager 2016

    I got a lot of use out of Vardy, had him and Ulloa rotating as Defensive Forwards, Knockaert retrained as a striker, with Mahrez IF (who was an absolute machine for me). Looking forward to having a bit more quality this year though, I had to make some silly tactic to get use out of the players. Albrighton's stats are so poor, he was the most unusable for me!
  6. Izzet

    Yeah they both do at my Mum's school. Both really nice guys that love helping out the kids.
  7. Jeffrey Schlupp

    Well that's illogical, remember that Messi guy when he missed a pen and then missed the open goal follow up? Sums him up really?! You can't judge a player on one particular moment. The lad is young and has a lot to learn. Most of the team has been pretty dog all season and even though he hasn't been very consistent, he has produced some good moments, scored some goals and got some assists. More than the rest majority of the team can say?
  8. Collymore? Might bag a few goals. Probs could do with Muz for the creativity though.
  9. Vardy a wanted man.

    I think he has the determination to do so? He got slated the first year he came year and admitted he nearly quit and then look what happened. He will come through this and score some important goals!
  10. City v The Villa Scoreline Prediction

    3-1 (Ulloa, Wasyl + Nuge)
  11. U21s / Development Squad 2014-15

    Haha! No! I'm My own P.
  12. I thought it was just the panel and you know they will be rimming Yaya's goal! Nuge should be up there though, sublime finish!
  13. U21s / Development Squad 2014-15

    Elliott Moore played football with my brother when he was younger. Ridiculous player when he was 7-12, think he was in academy from the age of like 7 or something. Never seen anyone so young with so much talent! Hopefully one for the future!
  14. Foxestalk 5/6 a side tournament 2012

    I will come and play (depeding on date)
  15. North West Foxes

    Level 1 Row X look for the tard in the yellow chritmas hat! my mate! haha!!