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  1. Not sure what he was trying to do. Cracking game so far though.
  2. Just turned it on, what the hells happening?
  3. Bolton took one of Man U's u21s on loan so have sent him in return as they needed a defender as they're lacking numbers.
  4. Unless he's in England already, there's no chance today. I don't know if you can sign free agents after the window in the Prem though.
  5. Doing his best to kill all the confidence and belief Kramaric had before he came.
  6. Comfortably offside there
  7. Not the sort of midfielder we need anyway.
  8. He's on more money than any of our current players. Obviously not prepared to drop his demands, hence him rotting in City's reserves. Don't see the fuss anyway as he couldn't get in a poor West Brom side last year.
  9. To the Willian chant: Chelsea want him but there's no way Nigel Pearson said come and play Signed for Leicester he's here to stay Now he's the king of Filbert Way His names Andrej, his names Andrej Kramaric and he scores all day
  10. Nice defensive work rate from Sterling there.
  11. Are they actually playing King as a centre forward/false nine?
  12. Careful now.
  13. Get Foxes Player and watch the full video instead of complaining about the cut down free version they don't have to give you.
  14. The fact he's also a media whore does him no favours. He's always on SSN, Talksport etc trotting out the same tired diatribe.