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  1. How was the away end today lads?
  2. Never understood the hatred from us towards Kane. Pearson constantly played him out of position and he went back to spurs. End of. He's a top class finisher and fair play to him. WYS
  3. Must say on my stream it sounded like the place was rocking from 50 mins onward. Enjoyed some of the chants aswell. You're just a shit arsene wenger was very clear More of the same needed! WYS
  4. Barnes MOTM tonight. Unstoppable WYS
  5. loved watching michael keane pass it back to pickford for this whole half
  6. no gomez instead of keane. no maddison instead of rice, with henderson playing a deeper role. Madness Do like that front 3 though. Pace, assists and loads of goals in there.
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