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  1. After two or more tickets for Millwall if anyone could help out? Thanks!
  2. Are there any City members who aren't going to the community shield and have a spare membership number (or 2) going spare? Thanks
  3. Community Shield

    Anyone with a city membership (or preferably 2 memberships!) not going to this and have a membership number going spare? Would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  4. FIFA 15

    I imagine its one of the most difficult in terms of balancing the game though. EA seem to always be getting stick about pacy players being too overpowered.
  5. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Recently bought Fallout 3 Game of the year edition. One of my favourite games of all time but never bought any of the (extortionately priced) DLCs so couldn't resist all 5 for £13!
  6. The Tinder Thread

    Im not on the same level as the others on this thread! Although if theres on thing I've learnt its that disgustingly cringey puns are the way to a girls heart/reply Pretty gutted/surprised Rebecca wasn't keen
  7. End of tenancy clean

    Worth giving the oven a good clean I'd say. We've just lost £110 from our deposits for our uni house for oven cleaning.
  8. The Tinder Thread

    Long time stalker of this thread, some crackers on here. New matches have been slow but they're getting the ft treatment when they come Dont; ask foxestalk for advice.
  9. Videos

    http://youtu.be/Sv3xVOs7_No Pretty sure most of this is impossible
  10. E3 2013

    £349, absolutely smash xbox out of the park.
  11. E3 2013

    Looks like sony have won! Edit: May have spoke too soon. Are they hinting you cant play online without plus?
  12. E3 2013

  13. Let's have a films thread.

    Just finished watching The Road. Wow. Already sort of knew what I was in for after trying to read the first few chapters of the book a while back but it was still incredibly hard hitting, and apparently its not as grim as the book. A must watch in my opinion, not really felt such sustained emotions all the way through a film before watching this. Gripping.
  14. Poll - play off final

    Anyone got a decent stream for this? Been looking for ages. Cheers
  15. Microsofts next XBOX (Xbox One)

    Thought this was appropriate..