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  1. What do we need?

    Umtiti at left back - can cover centre back too. Cambiasso A pacey winger. That'd do me I think. Would be surprised if we spent big on another striker.
  2. Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    Shit I've just bought foxes player
  3. Linked with XI

    Gareth Bale a few years back I seem to remember.
  4. 2014 in Music

    Wolf Alice will be one to watch this year.
  6. Time to drop Nugent?

    I find it bizarre that the idea of changing up a team after a loss is considered so ludicrous on this forum. Not saying Nugent is an awful player at all, just not in the best form.
  7. Sacking Dave Jones could go the opposite way that we're all thinking for us, what if it leaves them a manger-less demoralised squad?
  8. Arctic Monkeys - AM

    Best thing about the Arctic Monkeys is that you can not be huge on one album, but they change completely on the next.
  9. Festival Thread

    Went to Benicassim this year, that was festival heaven.
  10. Arctic Monkeys - AM

    It's brilliant, they streamed it on iTunes and it's up there with their first album. Although I would like to say that I loved Suck It And See, can't see why people didn't think much of it.
  11. Vardy.

    I'd certainly place him above Nugent at the moment, but he hasn't looked like a threat really. Fantastic work rate as usual though.
  12. Jerome Thomas, Simeon Jackson and Vitor? I couldn't be happier if we get those 3 for free.
  13. Barton wasn't able to play in the league/cup in France either, only played in european games during ban.
  14. If these players don't have YouTube videos then frankly I can't see why we'd be interested.