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  1. Actual goosebumps.
  2. Had we have been playing a better team we'd have struggled. We looked a little careless, jaded and tired. However. We ground it out. 2 great goals. Albrighton is such an underrated player.
  3. Just wow. There was something bitter-sweet about getting promotion, winning the Championship, confirming survival and winning the Premier League either away from home, or on a night we weren't playing. That said, I wouldn't have it any other way. So for me, last night's emotion was an amalgamation of all of those things put together. I have never screamed so loud when we've scored before, to the point where I almost passed out. People from the row behind were on our row, strangers throwing themselves at each other. The last 10 minutes were incredible, when everyone stood up and sang "Everywhere we go..." - reminded me of the last 5 minutes against Man Utd at Filbert Street when we were relegated. So many moments of raw emotion. The two goals, the sending off, Kaspers penalty save and the final whistle. Wow. I ****ing love this football club. I'm so thankful that my dad took me all those years ago because if this is what I would have missed then, phwar. Listening to Radio Leicester when I got in was hard, I'm not Stringers biggest fan but hearing him tearing up on commentary, and then when he mentioned his dad nearly had me going.
  4. Awesome news. Credit to those that rushed to help him.
  5. I don't really care to be honest. Obviously it's nice to be liked. But ultimately, they wrote us off 14/15. Created the greatest escape. Wrote us off 15/16, won the ****ing league.
  6. Absolutely spot on. The real mind-boggling thing is that, that is Ranieri's system. Why on earth did he change it? Not confident without Kante?
  7. The "tribute" was perfect. The chant was so so so loud. But that should be it. We're Leicester City, not Ranieri FC.
  8. I would ****ing love Big Nige back. Every time he was here, he left us higher than when he started. Say what you want about his media persona, he got the job done. For me though, I'd still give it Shaky until the summer (so long as we improve/show some fight) - then reassess in the summer. I wonder whether if Nigel did come back, whether Steve Walsh would be tempted to come back? I wouldn't want Mancini, or Hiddink. I think that has the potential to turn out how Ranieri did ultimately. Trying to change too much too soon. It concerns me that their latter jobs haven't been much more than a season or two. I'd love it if we were able to find a young-ish manager in the same mould as, for example - Pearson. The whole "big name manager/players" never really worked for little old Leicester, did it?
  9. Oh ****ing get a grip. There is absolutely no reason why we should be excusing Ranieri for the absolute farce that we've seen unfold before our eyes this season. Similarly the players shouldn't be getting away with it. Has it been a bad season? Other than the Champions League. Yes. Please tell me what you have seen these part 6 months that make you think this season has been "good"?
  10. Bang on.
  11. Brilliant post.
  12. I know Simpson is limited, but he always puts a shift in and I don't think (other than Derby away) he's been hugely at fault for us conceding? Personally, my 3 would be: Drinkwater: Early season he was brilliant, but he just seems totally bereft of any confidence, or form. Always seems to just want to play the ball back to where it's come from, or back to Wes/Huth, for them to give it Kasper, for him to give it back to the opposition. Fuchs: He's a good guy, great personality, but that obviously counts for nothing on the pitch. Last season he was solid, and has shown flashes this season of still being as good. But he's getting beaten so so so often. His long throws also aren't working, both in the final 3rd, and in our own half. Vardy: Nobody expected him to continue being a 20+ goal man and I know some people will put it down to a lack of service. But he just seems totally disinterested. Doesn't chase down, not chasing lost causes - he did better yesterday. I just can't put my finger on what is wrong with him?
  13. Ahhh bugger. Well that's it then hey lads? Would you look at that. Champions relegated on Tuesday 7th of February. Sarcasm aside. We are worringly poor. But I wouldn't write them off just yet.
  14. I have 1 ticket available. Couple of us driving up from Leicester, room for 1 more in the car. However can also meet outside the ground. PM for deets.
  15. 1. Claridge's shin. 2. Vardy's 11th in a row (can't ever remember the KP being as loud as it was then). 3. Vardy's goal against Man Utd. 4. Jeffrey Schlupp's face at Sunderland away when he realised we were staying up. Obviously seeing us win League 1, The Championship and then the Premier League is quite remarkable, and potentially - we're the only generation that is ever going to see that?