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  1. MattyFromLE

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Get it done. He wants out, it somewhat halted us in January. Sell him, move on.
  2. 1. An LCFC crest on the concourse/track in front of the tunnel when the players walk out, sort of like Man City''s ground. 2. As many have said, more shoutouts to pre-takeover history. (strange this seems like an issue given the pre-match build up video(s)). 3. Not structural, or about the actual stadium. But a few mates of mine really struggle for tickets. The membership scheme sounds over complex and loads of people I know often just don't bother. So maybe that needs to be addressed?
  3. MattyFromLE


    We're on course to better/equal our highest finish in the Premier League (ignoring the title win, obviously) - personally I feel Puel is the right man to take us forward onto that next level. If we get recruitment right in the summer, then we'll have a great season.
  4. MattyFromLE


    Does this not say as much about the players as it does the manager? I think we need to be patient. I personally like Puel and think he's the man to take us forward however - we're not going to know if that is the case until early next season.
  5. MattyFromLE


    I personally don't really get this "we lack fight and attitude" - I don't think we do. I just think we're going about the game in a different way. We had so much more of the ball last night than we probably ever have before vs Chelsea. I think it all boils down to the fact that we're maybe a few players short really. And I mean - let's not kid ourselves. 2 quarter finals, 8th (currently). I think at the start of the season most would have taken that. Cut out a few individual errors and add some attacking threat and I think we're a top 6 side. For me, Simpson isn't really a "bombing forward" type of right back. Chilwell gets forward well but - defensively is lacking somewhat. Morgan isn't getting any younger although for the most part I thought he was ok last night. Sign Dragovic/someone else and I think we're good. We can't play 4-4-****ing-2 for the rest of our lives. We can't play on the counter attack for the rest of our lives. We have to evolve. Personally I think Puel is the right man to do that.
  6. MattyFromLE

    Vardy's Volleys

    vs Spurs and West Brom are both technically brilliant. Both goals he doesn't even look where the goal is, full concentration on the ball and doesn't smash them either - all about the contact.
  7. MattyFromLE

    Which goal did you celebrate the most?

    Wes Morgan vs Seville. I nearly crushed my brother to death 😂
  8. MattyFromLE

    Peak Leicester. Remember this?

    What went wrong? We sold Kanté and Drinkwater?
  9. MattyFromLE


    Hope the interest is genuine, although I fear this could just be re-hashed from January.
  10. MattyFromLE


    Actual goosebumps.
  11. MattyFromLE

    Sunderland post match 2-0

    Had we have been playing a better team we'd have struggled. We looked a little careless, jaded and tired. However. We ground it out. 2 great goals. Albrighton is such an underrated player.
  12. MattyFromLE

    Take a bow everyone at the KP tonight !

    Just wow. There was something bitter-sweet about getting promotion, winning the Championship, confirming survival and winning the Premier League either away from home, or on a night we weren't playing. That said, I wouldn't have it any other way. So for me, last night's emotion was an amalgamation of all of those things put together. I have never screamed so loud when we've scored before, to the point where I almost passed out. People from the row behind were on our row, strangers throwing themselves at each other. The last 10 minutes were incredible, when everyone stood up and sang "Everywhere we go..." - reminded me of the last 5 minutes against Man Utd at Filbert Street when we were relegated. So many moments of raw emotion. The two goals, the sending off, Kaspers penalty save and the final whistle. Wow. I ****ing love this football club. I'm so thankful that my dad took me all those years ago because if this is what I would have missed then, phwar. Listening to Radio Leicester when I got in was hard, I'm not Stringers biggest fan but hearing him tearing up on commentary, and then when he mentioned his dad nearly had me going.
  13. MattyFromLE

    Poorly fan??

    Awesome news. Credit to those that rushed to help him.
  14. MattyFromLE

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    I don't really care to be honest. Obviously it's nice to be liked. But ultimately, they wrote us off 14/15. Created the greatest escape. Wrote us off 15/16, won the ****ing league.
  15. MattyFromLE

    'The High Press'

    Absolutely spot on. The real mind-boggling thing is that, that is Ranieri's system. Why on earth did he change it? Not confident without Kante?