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  1. Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. v City, 02:00 am June 24th, SPOTV
  2. Online class for English Football: a Social History (University of Leicester, De Montfort University and LCFC) https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/football-lcfc
  3. @leicsmac Thank you very much for your kindness... It's great to watch LCFC game on TV again.
  4. covid-19 Unofficial Response Guideline from Korea. The size of this file is over 1.95MB, so I can not attach them. The link is as follows https://covidtranslate.org/assets/CovidPlaybook_EN_v0.9.pdf
  5. I would like to share to recommended preventive method for corona-19 virus. 1. Wearing mask in outdoors. 2. Washing your hands clearly. In Korea, I thnk that the Korean governments prevented perfectly in the early days. However, There was a unfortunate situaltion of viral transmission in mysterious religious groups (In Daegu and Cheongdo) It seems that the ritual of worship makes this situation. Therefore, The governments recommends stopping all religious events. In now, young people and children are easily overcomming this virus, but older people can be dangerous especially who have other illnesses. I really wish to stop spreading this virus.
  6. In Korea, specially Daegu and Gyeonbuk (including Cheondo), over 3500 cases now. However, I believe that we overcome this difficult situation. I heard that the first corona-19 case has occurred in UK. I wish that the disease will end without a lot of deamage.
  7. LCFC Korean suppoters club (The Foxes Korea) https://cafe.naver.com/tlei
  8. Corona-19 Virus makes stopping the all outdoor activities including football and so on... all LCFC fans in Korea, take care of your health.
  9. I'm sorry for my mistake. 'Eumme fe' -> 'Eumme-pe'.. 'fe' does not have special meaning. It presents Similar pronunciation of 'Mbappe'. In Korean language, sound of 'f' is like 'p'. I am sorry. 'Eumme-pe' is origin from his play style. He is diligent (hard-working) and sometimes, aggressive.
  10. Hi... I have heard that lcfc is interested in signing Her-chan Hwang. He is good forward player and can be role of striker and wing forward. In Korea, His nick name is 'Eumme fe' This nick name comes from Korean Mbappe (French football player). 'Eum-me' is translated 'Moo' in English. It means that the sound made by a cow or bull. ^^... I am looking forward to sign him..
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