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  1. I’m pretty sure that the sport was cheaper than the comp. The comp had disc brakes compared to the sports rim brakes. Speaking from experience, I’d go for the sport because the mechanical discs brakes on the comps are shite.
  2. I took up cycling and that’s taken up the last 6 years to be honest. My son also joined the Royal Navy, so most of my thoughts are with him and his wellbeing ⚓️. I still come on here for a read, but rarely post.
  3. Proud dad. Have fun lad ❤️
  4. Yes, never again. This is why we should remember 👍🏻
  5. A thank you to the sacrifices made by all during the conflict. We owe you everything
  6. Need more evidence pal. Been where by the way?
  7. Have you got a Twitter post from some random person that backs this up?
  8. Are white folk ‘thick’ because they don’t have a college degree and vote Republican?
  9. She ain’t brainwashed by Twitter and Marxist mainstream media, she a Republican👍🏻
  10. She’s 1/8 Native American Indian. Cherokee on my mum’s side to be precise
  11. I work for a company that makes antibacterial soap and we were all given 10 litres for personal use. My daughter, rat dog and I dropped 5 litres off at the village care home today as we know it’ll be more use to them than to us. Massive virtue signalling post, sorry.
  12. Does anyone know a local (South Derbyshire) Chinese takeway that delivers bat soup?
  13. I do use Strava, but only for cycling. It`s great for logging your activities, be it cycling, running, walking or swimming. Good on ya Ben for putting this out there, hopefully you`ll get a few more runners on here to join and maybe inspire a few people that don`t run but want to try it.
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