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  1. Whilst that is the way it should be, there are precedents where it wouldn't apply and perhaps shouldn't even have been a yellow. Much as I hate Manure, I'd be fuming if I was a supporter. Inconsistent refereeing ruining the game imo
  2. It's Betfair...they would have put it into a negative balance so I couldn't use the account until it is back into positive
  3. Mattered to me. I backed Jamie to score anytime and had even been paid out by Betfair. Then about an hour after the match finished they took the money back out of my account. Scumbags
  4. I agree - what I said is simplistic and of course Jamie is far more than just goals. Certainly we should be looking to develop a long term replacement. Still good to know that there are goals elsewhere in the team. Not so long ago there were many on here concerned because of the lack of goals from the rest of the team. Youri - in his current form would be very hard to replace without the kind of funds available to the much richer clubs. Even for them it would be hard. Soy - huge player for us indeed and one of the reasons I think we need another quality CB, He isn't as key to our c
  5. I really am very excited by this team. The big test will obviously come when we pick up injuries and have to contend with EL matches on top of PL. Given a little luck on the injury front I believe top 4 is certainly not beyond us. First choice team is outstanding but we now have some depth. Brendan seems to have found the key to Papy and Daniel which is a massive bonus with all the extra games we will have. I'd still like to see the addition of another quality CB so that we have the cover for rotation / injuries. If Under turns out to be as good as we all hope then the front lin
  6. His 8th and 9th against Southampton.......just sayin....
  7. 2 points thrown away. Manager needs to go ?
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