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  1. I'm on there. Was in the Tavern. Beer shower when Hazard scored. Tears and singing at full time. Scenes! Hugging strangers. Went down to the ground - high fives all the way! Got home at 4 and just sat in a daze watching the news and trying to take it in. What.A.Night 😂
  2. Only 6 matches from being world champions.......just sayin
  3. Top 6 not unrealistic provided AFCON doesn't harm us too much
  4. I'm in Newquay next Saturday. Do you know a Leicester-fan-friendly pub where I can watch the Everton game?
  5. I had high hopes for a long time especially after Man C but the real belief kicked in the night after the 2-2 v West Brom. It felt like our stars had aligned
  6. Been following this. Very sad news. My sincere condolences to Tony's family. RIP Tony
  7. Was only talking about this last night. So history rules out Man C with 8 losses. Almost rules out ManU and Arsenal with 7. As a result I've had a couple of quid saver on Hammers @ 500/1 - they've only lost 6. Hoping I won't be collecting on that one Edit - you're right Jace it was 42 games
  8. Love it! What's the song btw?
  9. This article just appeared on NewsNow. I read it with tears of laughter. Before last week I hadn't realised quite HOW deluded the Arselick fans are. Came onto this thread to see if it had been posted but beaten to it. Unbelievable. Cheating Leicester.....cheating Spurs lmao
  10. On wiki he only managed 17.... 19 the year before
  11. Without checking I would expect it was Gary Lineker edit: just looked - he got 24 in 84/85
  12. Could get myself banned for what I think of this