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  1. After life

    Having been to barwell..i'm wondering if there is life before death..
  2. Adrien Silva

    thought he was shight for portugal....
  3. Grzegorz Krychowiak

    Since when did you guys get so high and mighty, you won the league.. fantastic achievement. You reverted to type last season. You are nothing more than a middle to lower level premier league team - a side ways step from West Brom. Jonny Evans will not join you, if he wants trophies, he has just as much chance with us as with you. The total arrogance you now have annoys me , you won the league as one of the small teams punching and everyone loved you for that. Get a grip. oh, the irony....
  4. Bad feeling....

    Will the last man out please turn out the lights....
  5. Chemical 'haze' in Sussex

    i knew shouldn't have had that second curry...
  6. Should Ranieri Stay or go?

    My little bit of advice to Claudio..
  7. Millwall post match 1-0

    i feel sorry for the owners. they don't deserve this utter shambles..totally unprofessional..the lot of them.
  8. Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    The wague injury is totally down to mendys fook up...mendy is fookin hopeless.
  9. The mystery man

    Chris wood has unfinished business at the king power...and other stuff..
  10. 2;55.Crying as I watch,but its time

  11. Brexit Discussion Thread.

    show me one personal attack i have made anywhere on here...? .i leave it to you and you're little playmates to dish out the personal stuff... contact foxtalk and get me banned ..I know for some people the truth winds them up because they don't want to hear it..
  12. Labour party civil war

    if you cannot see the irony in that statement re: hijab...well there is no hope..ha ha
  13. Conservative Leadership Poll & Chat 30/06/16

    not got me banned yet then..
  14. Brexit Discussion Thread.

    The voice of Liberalism and free speech...we don't like what he says so lets get him banned...ha ha ..