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  1. Surely it must be going thru Mahrez's head that Man City obviously don't think he's that good if they weren't prepared to offer the asking price. And it must be going thru Guardiola's head that he really doesn't need a sulky midfielder who goes on strike every time he thinks a bigger club is interested.
  2. fatboytim

    Watford.. Score predictions:-

    Paul Merson is predicting us to win 2-0 so we'll probably lose 1-4
  3. fatboytim

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    About time Kante got that card
  4. fatboytim

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Kante has gone backwards since we had him, I'm sure he never used to commit so many fouls when he played for us
  5. fatboytim

    Leicester City Player Wages

    Assuming that is true, I'd be furious if I was Hamer getting a mere 12k per week for not playing, when Musa gets paid 5 times that amount to not play
  6. fatboytim

    Everton (H) Match Thread

    How good was that from Gray? All the right decisions to match his skills for a change
  7. I'm definitely in the minority on here - probably cos I know a lot less about football than most but I'm quite happy with this. As I was when Ranieri was appointed. Even if he plays defensive football, as long as he gets rid of aimlessly hoofing the ball all the time whilst winning football matches - even if it is 1-0 every match - then I'm happy. I'd much rather watch us win 1-0 than watch us lose 5-3.
  8. fatboytim

    Swansea post match 2-1

    I thought Maguire had a good game today, including his defending
  9. fatboytim

    Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    I bet Silva is frantically seeing if there's anyway - anyway at all - that he can get out of coming here. We truly are shiiiiiiite