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  1. fatboytim

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Disappointed with his antics to get a move, but wish him well. Yes he might not start every week but I think he'll fit in well there and can only see him getting better with their coaching and being surrounded by world class players.
  2. fatboytim


    You make him sound just like Mahrez
  3. Surely it must be going thru Mahrez's head that Man City obviously don't think he's that good if they weren't prepared to offer the asking price. And it must be going thru Guardiola's head that he really doesn't need a sulky midfielder who goes on strike every time he thinks a bigger club is interested.
  4. fatboytim

    Watford.. Score predictions:-

    Paul Merson is predicting us to win 2-0 so we'll probably lose 1-4