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  1. My two fav ‘I was there’ moments are the play off final v Derby and the Seville game in the ECL. Sadly missed many key games as I’m not a STH. But what a club 💙
  2. I don’t think people will pay, it’s too regular. Folk pay for boxing a few times a year cus it’s pretty much a one off fight, but we play every week. I’m not gonna pay that much to see us per match on tv. I’d pay a £5 to get good coverage and avoid the issues with illegal streams, but that’s my limit. I pay for sky, I pay for prime, and I’ve a log on for BT off a mate, so I’m covered, but In comparison to sky box office these subscriptions are cheap.
  3. I agree with you. Grealish seems to make time on the ball for himself, he’s really improved from his breakthrough season in the EPL before they were relegated. Barnes offers something a little different, but he’s down the order for me as far as England is concerned at this point.
  4. I rewatched the match today, and his first 25 mins was really poor. I don’t criticise him for the first goal, but he gave the ball away a lot, and dived into tackles leaving us exposed. He’s learning on the job, and I’ve patience to allow him to evolve, he has great potential for the future.
  5. If we had a goalie who commanded his box the cross wouldn’t have reached JJ to deal with it 3 yards off his line. I thought he did as well as he could under the circumstances, his clearing header was decent. Mahrez hit a worldy to score from that.
  6. Grey played like a man possessed.......of no idea and little skill! Hardly playing for a match day squad slot, not putting himself in the shop window on that display.
  7. League position- 14th Europa League- struggle out of the group. Carabao Cup- Quarter final FA Cup- 4th round Highest goalscorer- Vardy Most assists- Tielemans Player of the season- Ricardo Young player of the season- Barnes
  8. I know it’s preseason, I know you can’t place any importance on it, but I’m tired of this dull possession mentality, and it’s clearly throughout the entire squad. It’s like they’re too frightened to play a forward pass that might not produce, and prefer to turn and pass it backwards. This was against Blackburn Rovers! I know we have to evolve, and it’s patient football, I know I should be grateful for what we’re getting but I'm sorry, it’s just very dull, and it has been since Christmas. I fear this season might not go so well. Hope I’m wrong.
  9. Stats came out last week or so, best impact sub last season.
  10. Best sub in the epl, and probably one of our most productive players in lockdown. Yeah, he’s frustrating, but I wouldn’t be selling unless we’ve a replacement lined up or he’s refusing to sign a new contract. We’re on our arses for wingers right now.
  11. Had we not won the league with Claudio then his spells would be the highlights for me, even surpassing MON as my favourite manager. I hold him in the highest esteem, and in my mind he (with his staff) was responsible for the foundations that brought about our premier league championship.
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