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  1. I agree, he’s not ‘that’ young. He has experience and probably should be at a club where he’s a starter, or certainly having more minutes than he does with us. I think that BR wants to move him on and have a more suitable replacement, having had time to fully evaluate Nacho and his ability.
  2. You’re right, neither too big to be second fiddle, but my point was having three. We’re not paying 30/40m for a third striker, and Nacho surely isn’t hanging around for even less game time.
  3. We’re not a big enough and financially viable club to stockpile 3 strikers of that level imo. I like Nacho, think he brings good stuff to the team and he’s young, but if we’re in for someone of this level of fee then it’s because BR doesn’t rate him to be Vardy’s successor.
  4. You’d be extremely naive to think this didn’t go on
  5. But the amount in transfer fees we want and the length of your contract might
  6. I think he’s been one of our most productive since the re-start. But this is his problem for me, he just lacks consistency, and has done throughout his time with us. We all want him to come good, and these moments have kept us going but I’m now in the sell camp, contract running down, so get some money and let him have a fresh start.
  7. I’m guessing it’s referring to him being subbed at ht v Bournemouth. Personally I like Nacho, I think he brings something different to us, and he generally has a good finish on him. At 23 I’d rather he stayed unless we bring someone in who’s better.
  8. Expectations went through the roof after 2015/16, and this is a very different climate. I will never forget telling my two sons (late teens) when we went up in 2014 to be careful what they wished for. I remembered those hard days in the top/premier league, and how it was under lesser managers who failed and under MON who created the grinders that got us our level of ‘success’. Very much a workman like outfit, but with some lovely skill too. In some ways it’s sad that we aren’t enjoying this like we should, or at least it appears some aren’t, but it was inevitable after that season. We can never replicate it, it was so so special. I think even if we do go on to win it again it’ll never be as sweet, never be as special.
  9. I bet he looks like your dad when he played football? Slow and cumbersome, but in his head it was a thing of beauty 🤣
  10. I’m fairly sure you’re not gonna get a figure. Guess it might depend on any significant outgoings and where we finish in the league/what competition we’re gonna n next season. With COVID it’s also a strange market to call, less money, less movement? Who knows, we just have to wait and see I think.
  11. The design looks like some of our recent performances, uninspiring and not wishing to be seen again.
  12. Thomas had a big task coming in after the Bournemouth match, but he handled it with class. He could have a big future if he can build on this. Great debut
  13. I like him, he’s an asset and knows where the net is. I’d like him to have a run in the team and I think we look better with him in the side, but with his lack of opportunities I can also see him wanting to go.
  14. Vardy, the best we’ve ever had 💙💙💙
  15. I don’t necessarily see that as a negative. The team knows he will deliver a cross into the box, it’s usually of good quality too, so it’s down to them to get into the box and on the end of it. I agree it looks unbalanced with only Vardy in there (potentially) but can’t knock Marc for what he does and delivers.
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