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  1. anyone got a stream please? I woke up at 4am (thailand) to see this one and theres nothing online!
  2. He did really well last night and recently his form has picked up greatly. Proved me wrong and made me shut up, well done Ben and keep it up. But lets not pretend like he wasn't poor for the first 8 games this season, poor decision making seemed to be his curse.
  3. We got this, Arsenal keep persisting with playing out from the back and we'll capitalize
  4. Am I the only one who thought Perez was alright/pretty good?
  5. Ben Chilwell - you made me eat some serious crow with that performance. What a performance and what a statement!
  6. Same here, I'll be up for this one too (I'm in Phuket). I also agree on he line-up (although I still stand by giving Fuchs a run out).
  7. Let's give Fuchs a chance too
  8. I actually thought 2nd half he was alright, but other than that he's had a pretty crap season so far. Doesn't help that on the opposite flank is the leagues best RB either. I still think giving him some competition in his position will help, give Fuchs a run out.
  9. personally I would only count it early if I was to wake up to watch it. Most of the time if kick-off is before 3am I will just stay awake for it and brave the following day on little sleep.
  10. cor its a right bugger for me though, I'm in Thailand, that will be a real late kick-off
  11. based on this season so far? Ricardo Digne Alonso Walker Wan-Bassaka Alexander Arnold Robertson Azpilicueta Chambers Kolasinac Cancelo Pieters Fuchs Cresswell
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