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  1. no one picking up on Harry hinting that he doesn't want to leave? Saying he is grateful for us showing faith in him and signing him from relegated Hull. I don't think he is going anywhere this window, and I am happy with that.
  2. I almost forgot about that.
  3. Just sayin'. And whilst it can be agreed upon that perhaps a footclub is not an appropriate medium, that doesn't change the fact that lese majeste is in full swing. Considering Vicahi was given a royal name by the previous king (who was also a very good king btw) perhaps Top and co feel obliged to pay their respects.
  4. I agree with you, but as the owner is Thai and has the word "King" in the company name ... makes things a bit more complicated.
  5. As someone who has been living in Thailand for 2 years, and after reading many of these comments, I don't think a lot of people fully understand how revered the royal family is here. It is a crime to criticize or speak ill of them in any way, and they should be praised at every opportunity - especially by a large company on foreign soil. "lese majeste" is a law here.
  6. Chilwell getting a little over rated it seems. Bar the one cross for the goal vs W. Ham his final ball has been poo, he gets out muscled/falls over too much and his decision making has also been poo.
  7. And we shall singeth “thou art lacking valor, and thee knoweth thou art” x4
  8. Ben Chilwell has to be one of the most frustrating, and at the same time, most promising players to ever wear a Leicester shirt. Watching Chilwell get forward brilliantly only to hoof the ball/pass to no one has become one of my least-favourite things to do and Im sure I can actually feel my hair getting thinner everytime he does a brain fart.
  9. I used to be a firm Puel in, believing he was building something. Perhaps he still is, but it's taking too long and causing us too much damage and stress. Time to part ways.
  10. Swap Gray for Vardy. Play anywhere near the level we did against Spurs and United and this should be comfortable. No more silly-bollocks, no more missing chances, Palace are due a loss at our hands. Up the Foxes.
  11. Where are you located in Thailand? I am in Phuket, me and my dad are the only foxes on the island I believe.
  12. Collectively as fans we should call-out the booing, hopefully people will stop being bellends and support the team the way we are meant to. Basically I am saying us sensible ones who don't boo, should boo the booers when they start booing. If you can't beat them, boo them.
  13. about 6 years ago back when I was living in Leicester and just graduated from DMU I was working at "Love Coffee" (worst job I've ever had) in Highcross. Andy King, Sean St Ledger and Anthony Knockeart came in. I think I was the only person there who actually knew who they were. My supervisor was a bit of a slut (and a b****) and was completely oblivious to who she was serving coffee to. Knockeart, being the stereotypical French soppy womanizer, leant forward and whispered "beautiful" whilst staring straight at her. From what I could see she just pretended to not hear him. After, I told her who they were and more specifically who Knocky was, she wasn't impressed at all. Again, she was a bit of a b****. Was funny for me to see, mainly due to me being a hardcore foxes fan and expecting every woman in Leicester to fall flat head over heels for every member of the squad, even captain-average Andy King (who I also saw with his at-the-time bird on campus once).
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