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  1. I actually thought 2nd half he was alright, but other than that he's had a pretty crap season so far. Doesn't help that on the opposite flank is the leagues best RB either. I still think giving him some competition in his position will help, give Fuchs a run out.
  2. personally I would only count it early if I was to wake up to watch it. Most of the time if kick-off is before 3am I will just stay awake for it and brave the following day on little sleep.
  3. cor its a right bugger for me though, I'm in Thailand, that will be a real late kick-off
  4. based on this season so far? Ricardo Digne Alonso Walker Wan-Bassaka Alexander Arnold Robertson Azpilicueta Chambers Kolasinac Cancelo Pieters Fuchs Cresswell
  5. Same here, The amount of times he passes backwards from getting into a forward position frustrates the hell out of me. Other teams are starting to pick up on him being the weaker link too - how many times did Liverpool attack our left flank?
  6. not a medicore spell, he's currently the weakest link in the starting 11 by some stretch and its been all season so far. He needs competition for that starting position from either Fuchs or another LB that we could pick up in Jan. Ps im in complete agreement that he will improve and we shouldn't let him go (unless a big bid comes in)
  7. Don't get me wrong, I think Chilwell has been pretty crap and very frustrating to watch this season. he is 100% the weak link in the team currently. BUT he is only 22. I've been saying this for a few weeks now: he NEEDS competition in that position, give Fuchs a shot - he looked good last time out and still has something to give us. The other problem Chilwell has is that currently Ricardo is on fire consistently and makes him look poor in comparison.
  8. Nice to see Chilwell getting the same amount of patience as Ghezzal, Gray and Iheanacho
  9. He's not even strong tho, just quick.
  10. Said it weeks ago. Drop Chilwell, bring Fuchs back in.
  11. He's not a scapegoat, other than the cross he was poor vs Newcastle, especially in the first half. So far this season he has been off the mark repeatably, it's not a dig at him. I think he needs the competition from Fuchs, who also deserves a crack at LB because of his last performances.
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