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  1. Yes there is a general chat forum, tell that to the guy I was replying to!
  2. you could well be right! but I think people are misunderstanding my point, it was in reply to someone suggesting that democratic socialism never works.
  3. oops thanks for the correction! I kind of meant with regards to democratic socialism, not so much the virus pandemic.
  4. Finland, Sweden and Norway seem to be doing alright.. In fact, all the Scandinavian countries appear to be just fine!
  5. Come to Thailand guys, nice and sunny over here and apparently covid-19 doesn't like the heat. I would like some time off work though.
  6. Sweet Hail Mary Jesus overreacting much? everything here in Thailand is under control (apparently) why don’t you dirty buggers just wash your hands more often and stop panicking?
  7. Chilwell is the poor man’s Justin
  8. well, that can also show that other player's deserve on current form to play instead of him. Justin was great tonight, should play on Saturday based on that alone.
  9. would be pretty interesting to hear thousands of people cough at the same time
  10. 100% that he is/our left side is being targeted now because he is clearly the weak link. I first started questioning his defensive capabilities and ‘fight’ last season when west ham kept attacking our left with Antonio against him, absolutely exposed. What really irks me is that he constantly and visibly tries to blame his teammates. how long does the “England’s “best” left back” argument hold up for??
  11. Yeah he had way too much space, that goal was way too easy which made it all the more annoying, especially after the VAR drama. I still can't get over Edison knocking out Nacho and staying on the pitch.
  12. He will almost definitely be facing Mahrez again this coming game, was taken to the cleaners before. if there ever was a time to prove a point/silence doubters, it’s this coming game.
  13. yeah I'd "have" him back but he wouldn't be "welcome"
  14. Not a direct dig at Chilwell, but didn't we learn anything from the last game Vs Manc? We can't just pretend it didn't happen! If I remember correctly people were saying Barnes wasn't giving him enough cover, so what's the solution?
  15. One of the best players we ever had? yes. Welcome him back? no chance. Everyone is entitled to an opinion/feeling, but I can't forgive, nor forget the "2 years wasted" comments and attempting to force a move away as openly as he did. I wonder if he will down his toys now that there is possibly no champ's league for Manc, will he also consider that "2 years wasted"?
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