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  1. Why are arsenal still thinking of £35 mill for mahrez when it's £50 mill.
  2. Ok matey thanks for the reply.just done it the old fashioned way and got them over the phone.
  3. Don't know mate when I try to checkout with the 2 tickets I need it just keeps asking for a coupon before paying.
  4. Just tried to get Burton tickets,what's this coupon crap.any help.
  5. Could only happen to us
  6. Gray scores again for england
  7. Vardy did that against West ham last season and got sent off for diving and got slated by pundits but when kane the caveman does it its not even talked about.
  8. Must be the most boring twats of pundits on tv. Why have Keane on as he never has a good word to say about anyone and Dixon is just as bad.if that had been any of the top 4 playing they would have some good things to say but remember we are little old leicester city.
  9. Can feel another 3-2 defeat coming up
  10. Going to be robbed again.
  11. Let's play statues
  12. Just shows merson is shite as he said leicester's Andre gray has just had a shot saved on the game he was reporting on sky.doesn't he play for Burnley.TWAT.
  13. See Gerrard has piped up saying how he is discussted with us sacking many more scouse twat's are going to say some shite about us.
  14. Hodgson No f#cking way please.
  15. 1-0 cause we have an away goal