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  1. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    That video is so Partridge
  2. Vinyl

    One of the first records I got when building up my collection, and it remains one of my most played. Every song is incredible, it feels almost like a best of compilation rather than a regular studio album.
  3. Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    Chilwell getting kicked in the face isn’t a freekick/penalty?
  4. Misheard Lyrics

    Whereas the actual lyrics make complete sense?
  5. Misheard Lyrics

  6. Martin Atkinson today

    Just to make it clear before slagging the ref, we fully deserved to lose and we did not lose because of Atkinson. We lost because we were poor and Palace were decent. However, I do think Atkinson had a poor game. Decisions off the top of my head I thought were bizarre were giving the foul for the push by Iborra, not giving Palace a penalty for the tackle by Albrighton, the Simpson yellow card was just strange, and what I saw as the double standards he used for the two sides. As I recall the only foul he gave for a push was the one by Iborra, it wasn't a big shove and there were plenty of others (by both sides) he gave nothing for. If you give that there should have been dozens of free kicks and penalties. Albrighton got none of the ball and took the man from behind, stonewall penalty. Simpsons tackle for the yellow was as perfect challenge as you could wish for, took the ball cleanly and then slightly caught the man well after playing the ball. If he'd given a foul I would have been raging, but to book him? Couldn't get my head round it. Maybe a totting up thing to give the ref the benefit of the doubt, but if you want to book him at least do it for an actual foul! Ndidi definitely dived in my opinion, though the first yellow was arguably a bit harsh when you look at what Palace players were getting away with. And while I agree it was a dive and a yellow, the way Zaha and Benteke were going down all match I don't get why neither of them were booked. A dive is a dive, surely it doesn't matter if it was in the box or not? A final general comment was that he just seemed to lose control of the match after halftime, giving fouls for the most innocuous things and bringing out the yellow at every opportunit. But yeah, we were poor and deserved to lose, which has nothing to do with the ref.
  7. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Agreed, clear dive. The excuse from Moyes was incredible though, "he's not dived, he's gone down with fatigue". It was the 19th minute!
  8. Neil Young Archives available

    It was in Leeds last year. If I remember correctly, he came on at 8pm and played nonstop until past 11:30pm, absolutely incredible. He did about an hour acoustically on his own, then was joined by his band for the rest and played a much rockier set for the rest. It was a day that Trump had announced something about his bid for the presidency, can’t remember what, but in response Neil “dedicated” Rocking in the Free World to him by saying “fuch you Donald Trump” at the start, biggest cheer of the night! We were stood near the front and were absolutely knackered by the end, while he was still jumping around on stage. We’re in our mid 20’s, him in his early 70’s, but he had so much energy it was unreal. If you ever get the chance to see him live, take it regardless of the cost. He’s not going to be around forever, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.
  9. Portugal's radical drug policy is working...

    The other issue of course is the numourous medical benefits to cannabis. While the formal research into it is limited by its legal status, it’s known to help with a huge range of things. For example it has use as an incredibly effective painkiller, which is what I use it for. Since starting I’ve enormously cut down on codiene, which I needed every few hours to manage chronic pain. Not only is a small dose of weed more effective than codiene (and more effective than anything shy of morphine for me), with a small dose of weed I can still be productive while the codiene often makes me to woozy to work. It also encourages an appetite, which I struggle with due to pain, and helps me sleep, which the pain also disturbs. As an added bonus I’ve also not had a migraine since using it, which I’d normally have at least once a fortnight. A friend also uses it as a painkiller to deal with her highly debilitating back pain, as nothing else she’s ever tried has helped. It’s also useful for epilepsy, helping people deal with the effects of chemotherapy, MS, arthritis, glaucoma, and it can help with PTSD. Yes it can be abused, and yes I do believe it should be controlled. But why it should be completely illegal when it has the potential to help so many people really winds me up. I shouldn’t be made to feel like a criminal because I need effective pain relief, it’s just wrong. I’m currently working abroad and my health has taken such a dive since having to switch back to just codiene, I’m in constant pain that is so bad I’m struggling to walk at times, I’m struggling to sleep I’m in so much pain, and I haven’t been able to eat at all today I feel so ill. Feeling like this has reminded me just what a powerful medicine cannabis is, as what I’m experiencing at the moment was a regular occurrence until I started using it. I feel that there has been no significant negative effect on me since starting, aside from maybe a slight decrease in my short term memory (and the cost of it...), I use it in a vaporiser to limit the harm to my lungs, and very rarely get properly high with it. Used responsibly, it can do amazing things for people. But, in all of societies wisdom, me and many others have to break the law. It’s just not right. Rant over.
  10. Neil Young Archives available

    One of the all time greats, and the best gig I've ever been too.
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 65 seconds  
  12. Oasis

    Noel's new album leaked a couple of days ago ahead of its release this Friday. Really different sound for him, but still generally recognisable. Some of the songs aren't maybe up to the individual quality he can write, but it works brilliantly as an album. Ironically, one of my favourites on it is the bonus track, which is not in keeping with the feel of the album at all. More of a classic Noel acoustic ballad, great song.
  13. Shed Seven

    The new album is brilliant, gave it a listen the other day. Even more amazing when you consider how long they've been out of the studio for.
  14. Euthanasia, Could you, Would you?

    I feel very passionately about this, in the right circumstances euthanasia should 100% be allowed. A few years back we lost my Grandad to Alzheimers, and at any point in the final months (but particularly the last week) I would have done anything for him to end his suffering. A man who had lived 79 years with dignity and composure spent the end of his time on this earth unable to move, dribbling, and unable to eat or drink. When he was officially moved to end of life care, his food and water were withdrawn and he slowly starved and dehydrated to death over a period of nearly a week. At the point where he was clearly unaware of what was happening any more or who anyone was, probably around 3 months before he died, he should have been allowed to die in a quick and controlled way with as little pain as possible. If, for example, a dog was unable to move and eat it would be considered cruel to the dog to artificially keep it alive and suffering and, heartbreaking as it is, the humane decision to put the dog to sleep is usually made. Yet for our fellow humans, we continue to pump them full of drugs to keep their body alive, even when their life is clearly over and all they now know is suffering. It's wrong, every life, be it a dog or a person, should be treated with dignity and respect, and not forced to suffer. It seems so screwed up to me that if an animal is suffering with no chance of recovery we humanely end their suffering, but with humans we don't. It shouldn't be a decision taken likely, and I think I only support it in terminal conditions where it is very clear what the ordinary path towards death will be. It shouldn't be forced on anyone, but if a family and the patient (while of sound mind) feel it would be better to not let the person suffer, and not let the family suffer watching, they should be allowed to take control themselves. I know my mum still has vivid nightmares about my Grandad's final week, over 5 years after he died. It's as unfair on the family as it is the patient in many ways. Blimey, this ended up being more of a rant than I expected at 9am!
  15. Oasis

    I love that song too, but the demo is even better IMO. In a similar style this demo leaked a few years ago, really like that too. Very Neil Young in sound, and a million miles from Oasis. Absolutely class song.