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  1. You’re a true hero man, thank you so much.
  2. Liam’s new acoustic EP is brilliant, some beautiful arrangements and his voice is as good as it’s ever been.
  3. JRM and Bercow having a cracking exchange there 😂
  4. Corbyn just welcoming a General Election if it’s put forward
  5. I know it’s the norm for the Queen to not get involved in political situations, but I assume in theory she could in a case like this. What do people who understand this better than I do think are the chances of her stepping in and refusing?
  6. Chelsea looking very good to be fair, as much as we’re making it easy for them
  7. What’s the point in VAR if decisions like that aren’t overturned?
  8. Gerry Taggart talking about Gray having a poor first touch and over hitting crosses as him being rusty coming back to preseason. No Gerry, he’s always like that.
  9. thebartonfox


    I’ve just tried using the Tapatalk app for the first time in a few years and can’t find FoxesTalk anymore, is this no longer supported? Can’t find it by searching, but can still see the old posts I made through the app. Any ideas?
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