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  1. WWE

    Attitude era was the pinnacle of what wrestling can be, they make things hard for themselves by splitting the talent. Oh and the PG thing also hinders them. I live in hope that vinny will realise that people will get bored if he doesn’t head back to what made him what he is now
  2. WWE

    Thanks for that, certainly burned up a few hours for me yesterday, I’m guessing the Roman reigns was getting pushed as a face rather than a heel? Never seen a reaction like that before. CM Punk looked pretty epic, guessing we will never see him come back to the WWE. Taker will come back at some point, even if it’s just a one off. Should have left it as just 1 WM defeat though not 2. i didn’t get why Daniel Bryan was so liked?
  3. WWE

    I have just started watching the WWE again after about a decade of being away from it. Was told that the Hardy boys were back in town only to find out Jeff is injury! Some of the old faces are still around... Big Show, HHH, Kane and Goldust to name a few but on the whole I have no idea who most of these "superstars" are. The womens division seems to be massively expand as well. Such a shame Chyna still isnt around to clean house. So what have I missed in the last decade or so, any major events i need to youtube? Someone fill me in ...
  4. Shooting at Texas Church

    #standard .... is this type of thing even news on anymore? Happens so often
  5. General Knowledge: Easy Difficulty

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  6. Ryan Giggs?

    Hells no!
  7. Flags Quiz

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  8. World Geography Quiz

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  9. General Knowledge Quiz

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  10. Sports quiz

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  11. The OH Leuven Thread

    It would be great if he did that, certainly put himself in the shop window. Could also end up being cannon fodder with a Belgium team in Europe though. Although I'm sure OHL wouldn't mind that! I just question what are his motives for taking the job? Unfinished business x2?? Time will tell, I wish him all the best whatever happens to him over there.
  12. The OH Leuven Thread

    Potentially a great appointment for OHL, I would only question 1 thing and that NP's desire. When managers reach the back end of their career (which i think he is at even at the age of 54) they seem to lose that edge/passion. It happens to the best of them even Fergie. I think this could well be NP's last job.
  13. Got Some fantastic players. That Lucy Bronze is an incredible full back
  14. FC Koln Fans March Through London

    Christ.... wheres the home guard when you need them
  15. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    People who go to uni are less intelligent than those who do not. people who have "nicer" cars are the worst drivers american culture is taking over and ruining the UK's