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  1. ernie

    Pre-Game Video

    Yeah I’ll perhaps try the club then. Was thinking it’d be somewhere on the good ol internet but hey ho!
  2. ernie

    Pre-Game Video

    One last with-feint-hope bump?
  3. ernie

    Pre-Game Video

    Bump - anybody?
  4. ernie

    Pre-Game Video

    Random one - has anyone got a link to the video they now show shortly before home games on the big screen? Not the old one with Bocelli singing, the new one which includes snippets of the fox walking around the stadium? Cheers
  5. Anyone got a stream they could PM me please?
  6. ernie

    Liverpool (a) match thread

    Has anyone got a decent stream? Would be a big help if someone could pm me one!
  7. ernie

    Liverpool (a) match thread

    Has anyone got a decent stream they could PM me? Don't usually have time to try and look for them/watch so no idea where to look/what to do!
  8. ernie

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    I'm gutted there's not even a radio stream - I was supposed to be there tonight so am desperate to at least listen :-(
  9. ernie

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    Anyone even got a radio commentary link that's working?
  10. ernie

    Barclay Out

    Haha, well this thread certainly proves one thing - a large portion of the posters on here really are the arseholes of this world! Throw something around in a public space and think it's fine?!? Why the hell shouldn't he have been punished? If I head into Highcross today and chuck some stuff around I'll get done. Before anyone has a moan, I'm very much in favour of encouraging more atmosphere etc, but it has to be done in an appropriate way. To anyone who has actually posted on here defending it - please try and engage your single figure IQ before making pathetically idiotic comments. This whole situation pretty well demonstrates a large portion of the problem with much of society today.
  11. Hi, new member, went to the game today!