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  1. they resumed training on saturday in pairs.it was great to see them back and I assume they will gradually ease them back into things.but as I say over the past few days they have literally been two on then the next two start there session so hopefully they will get into some sort of routine now.
  2. unfortunately it’s the society we live in today and i don’t know how we change it.i have friends of all colours backgrounds and nationalities and they hear things every day and unfortunately they’ve learnt to just get on with it.im from a polish back ground and i myself hear things like oh the poles coming over and pinching all the jobs etc and i just laugh.now i know it’s not racism as such but if you took every comment to heart you would end up one hurt and upset human being.its a very hard and tough subject to discuss and i myself have discussed it at length with many people and have no id
  3. not building houses it’s a flood plain so foundations won’t handle it plus they don’t own all the land.i spoke to them as my house backs on to the training ground and i was assured no houses will be built.i was told it will be u21s u23s women or even tigers will take it on.
  4. i did 8-0 vardy cost me £66 just did it for abit of fun so not to disappointed
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