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  1. they resumed training on saturday in pairs.it was great to see them back and I assume they will gradually ease them back into things.but as I say over the past few days they have literally been two on then the next two start there session so hopefully they will get into some sort of routine now.
  2. unfortunately it’s the society we live in today and i don’t know how we change it.i have friends of all colours backgrounds and nationalities and they hear things every day and unfortunately they’ve learnt to just get on with it.im from a polish back ground and i myself hear things like oh the poles coming over and pinching all the jobs etc and i just laugh.now i know it’s not racism as such but if you took every comment to heart you would end up one hurt and upset human being.its a very hard and tough subject to discuss and i myself have discussed it at length with many people and have no id
  3. not building houses it’s a flood plain so foundations won’t handle it plus they don’t own all the land.i spoke to them as my house backs on to the training ground and i was assured no houses will be built.i was told it will be u21s u23s women or even tigers will take it on.
  4. i did 8-0 vardy cost me £66 just did it for abit of fun so not to disappointed
  5. I don’t quite understand this one.ive seen him play a few times over in Poland and the lad clearly has talent.who ever scouted him at the time obviously saw something in him to warrant the purchase. I just can’t get my head round why he’s been left,and pushed from pillow to post.it may turn out like a kramaric situation again if he’s moved on again.only time will tell I guess.
  6. This is all getting out of hand now,so unfair on people that hair already pre planned ahead.But it’s sky so we have to just accept it ??‍♂️
  7. It was a massive stab in the dark I admit.and I know the pink reference to cancer research was abit odd but it wasn’t meant directly at the shirt I was just thinking of a logical reason why you would change the colours so much.maybe they just choose them as they are so popular with the clubs abroad again I’m just speculating.i was just thinking it was nice if there was a relevance for a chairman who is still a great loss.
  8. I know this may sound really odd.but do you think the colours may have anything to do with remembering vichai?we all know black is a colour when losing and remembering someone.And the pink is used widely with the women for the cancer research and other foundations.im not saying the pink shirt is just for women as I think it’s a cracking shirt. Whilst I may be way off the mark it’s a nice thought if there has been some thought gone into the Colours remembering our great chairman.
  9. As regards to Man City do people like the fact they seem to have wiped the smug faces off of the Utd fans faces now they seem to have done better than Utd the last few years.i know Utd have improved recently but it’s nice to see Man Utd not winning week in week out and another Manchester club grabbing the limelight abit.they do play some pretty spectacular football at Times I must admit.and pep is one hell of a manager too,where ever he’s been he’s had success.
  10. That’s a tough question currently torn between Tottenham or arsenal can’t decide which would please me the most to see gone.i think Tottenham would be my choice
  11. Mate someone started on me for no reason.to make it worse they involved a small child so I think I’m within my rights to get abit defensive when someone tries to start on me for no reason.as I stated I come on here to talk football not come on here to get verbally attacked by people that’s all.i enjoy coming on here and joining in conversations I just don’t appreciate people starting on me for no reason.but it’s done now so let’s get back to what we all enjoy the football ?
  12. Apologies I did get abit carried away writing so much and didn’t intend to.Plus I’m only on an iPhone and I don’t have the smallest fingers either.So will try to remember to make my posts easier for people to read in future ?
  13. Dude jog on I came on here to talk football not listen to your nonsense stop being an arse and go try and winde someone else up.im sick of arseholes on here that constantly nitpick at peoples comments.if you want to argue with people go and sign up to a Spurs or arsenal forum or something as I don’t need your bullshit.the world is full of clowns as it is.
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