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  1. Premierfox

    Patrick Roberts

    These decisions are going to be pivotal in our season success, Vardy up top, Pivot in mids, Maguire at the back, we just need pivot to pivot. Pivot, Pivot pivot pivot PIVOT
  2. Premierfox

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    Is this actually a serious thread? Why on earth would we want to sell him? Hes got bags of talent, granted he sometimes looks frustrated/disinterested, but that's a young talented lad frustrated at himsef for not being in the first 11 every week. Its passion to be the best, would you prefer someone happy to be on the bench? Happy out with the lads on a Friday being a squad player? Stick by him, hes young, loads to learn but very talented. DO NOT F*ING SELL!
  3. Premierfox


    Very strange one this, I agree with the majority, I dislike the guy, always have, but he does his job very well and I think we would grow to ‘love’ him if he was a fox, as opposed to the dirty Manc/Scouser. Positive outlook, I’m all for it, but still currently hate him.
  4. Premierfox

    Spurs - Wembley - 13th May 2018

    After a ticket or 2 for the game tomorrow if possible, live in London can meet whenever/wherever Sat/Sun
  5. Premierfox

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Ndidi, Iborra, Silva, Choudary, the fact that he just ****ed off as soon as a bigger club sniffed around? No thanks
  6. Premierfox


    Praying this is a joke?
  7. Premierfox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Pretty comfortable letting him go at the end of the season, he's been an unreal asset for us over the years (have a think about the goals he ha's scored), but if we are all honest, he is good enough when hes in the right mind frame to be a regular in the top teams in the world. If he still has that massive desire to leave, that is. Would love him to be here next season, but if he plays to his potential for the first half of the season, and then wants out half way through, that's when it's a big loss. Remember him for what he has done for us, get a decent wedge for him and get some fresh blood in to replace that are hungry to wear that city shirt. COYB
  8. Premierfox

    Stoke post match 1-1

    Probably going to reiterate what the majority are saying on here, but I just cant get my head around this whole Matty James thing, he seems like a decent lad and I hate singling players out; He doesn't do much wrong, however he doesn't create anything or have a positive impact in any way whatsoever. So much talent on the bench watching a Championship player making up the numbers, Puel was at fault in his team selection for this one. Lads that came off the bench looked exciting and more like us, however we wasted 70 mins today and cost us 2 points.
  9. Premierfox

    Vardy to Man Utd

    Give the lad a bit more money if that's what hes after, he knows he could get more elsewhere. He is vital for us and in my eyes irreplaceable in terms of how the team play and set up around him. If he has a good World Cup with England, then we are in danger of losing him to a big club, BUT he is the biggest confidence player I have seen in a while, if he's knocked he needs a team/manager/club/fanbase on his side to pick him back up, which he knows he has here, doubtful anywhere else. But **** losing him to Everton, whats the point him going there? 50/50 him being a flop and losing confidence, 50/50 fans love or hate him, 99/1 they will hate being in Liverpool. Do what ever it takes to keep him happy and in a City shirt.
  10. Premierfox

    West Ham Away

    Still available mate?
  11. Premierfox

    Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    I'd love to see this if fit after the u23's game; Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Iborra Gray Vardy Iheanacho James and Slim are way too slow to react to anything to be classed as first 11 in a prem team unfortunately IMO, we need to get to the ball first....