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  1. he looked absolutely knackered last night from the moment the game started he just looked short of energy. also seen a few saying praet had a terrible game, i think it needs to be acknowledged that Villa came to play a high level of anti football when we were in possession. was always going to be difficult to be free flowing when a team just sits in in front of you like that. Youri could do with a rest, bit of a recharge and let others take over for a few games. sadly wilf's injury may make that slightly more difficult, but maybe its time to trust choudry and give praet a run in the league.
  2. some of the comments in here are laughable, the kid is clearly talented, but is going through a period of poor form. i do hope the club doesnt send him out of loan, and they work with him to get him back to being a starter again. some of the comments though, makes you wonder if the people making them actually support city at all. baffling.
  3. him and Evans complement each other so well, they have what the other hasn't, they work so well together.
  4. Yeah I know that, I’m talking about his tweets in the last couple of days, all involving the other team owned by king power, scouting thier oppo’s. I just wondered if he had any involvement in city as he appears to be on king powers pay roll.
  5. Forgive me if there is already a thread for him, I couldn’t find it. i’ve noticed he tweets alot about OHL, so I presume he is involved with them. does he have any involvement with City? In any capacity, scouting, analysis etc?
  6. Are the club still maintaining the original memorial garden behind the stadium or are they consolidating them? not sure if this has been mentioned or not.
  7. I agree with the original post, he is a proper legend at the club. i think he had chances to leave when he was younger and the club wasn't in the position we are now, Villa came in for him i think??, but he chose to stay and his rewards are quite clear to see. manged a achievement that no one else has done in winning the top 3 leagues in England. you also suspect that its something that wont be repeated given the state on English football. He always gives everything he has when he plays for us, and we were very fortunate to have some one of his talent when we couldn't sign even the shitest players kicking about.
  8. Are you disappointed to see him leave?
  9. A well written piece, i think we'd regret letting him go this summer. He just needs that breakout passage of his career and hopefully it can be here and he will prove him self worth keeping.
  10. i saw him heading to the boozer yesterday afternoon, probably explains why.
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