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  1. Shocking really that it could happen
  2. He is very good on the ‘under the cosh’ pod cast. Talks about how did didn’t want to leave us and wanted to be part on Nigel’s promotion push back to the champo. Basically he explains how he signed his contract extension, then months later was asked to sign another copy, as one was missing a signature. Then when relegated he found the copy of his contract the club had included a 50% relegation salary reduction. The copy his agent and him had didn’t. mandaric wouldn’t back down and basically enforced the reduction. thats why he stayed until the June, because the new salary start
  3. i never got to see him play, far to young, but my dad would always tell me he was one of the best he ever watched for us. thoughts and love to his family. RIP Frank.
  4. This whole thread/topic is the epitome of where we are as a club. not quite able to keep that second quality striker happy, just yet. a very good 15 of 16, but once injuries and suspensions kick in the gaps in the squad become clearer, but that's not to say that the supporting cast aren't good enough to step up, its just that prolonged use tends to cost points. this is the next step we are working on taking to mix it consistently at the top of the league. yesterday was frustrating, but leeds could beat anyone on their day, unfortunately it was us that got it. there was a stat
  5. Now that is a true legend for our football club! 42 years is fantastic dedication to any job, and clearly she touched so many lives during that time. RIP Sheila
  6. This type of comment is becoming so regular though its crazy! the talent this kid has is unreal, and all the plaudits that have been said in this thread are spot on and warranted. he's on that list of incredible signings for the club. to say he could be a England regular is not over stating it, and having heard him talk both pre and post match, he seems like a smart kid and could captain city at some point.
  7. Either way, he's a brilliant player now, and has to be considered one of the best signs we've surely ever made
  8. It still baffles my why villa didnt fight to keep him. he is an excellent professional and has the talent to back it up. I always see him an enabler, he does so much that allows others to flourish. when the time comes, he will be looked on in the same bracket as Vards and Kasper as proper legends for the club from this period.
  9. i also find this thread a bit bonkers! the level of talent that is being mentioned through former or current players. the talent that the club has had in the last 8 years is insane, and long may it continue.
  10. i think thats quite natural, but do we need to view it more from a players point of view, or almost as an employee point of view. do you have any level of guilt if you want a new job to better you role or salary or future prospects?
  11. the kid is an outrageous talent, and surely must be knocking on the door for England squad inclusion.
  12. we did well to get him in on loan, and it seems he has some sensible people around him, who no doubt pointed out that coming back and showcasing himself in the prem in a decent side is only going to have an upward trajectory, whether that be getting a big club move in time or being in a progressive team that can complete with his personal ambition. like Ric Flair said, pay the lad! make that decision to leave as hard as it can possibly be, and show him the love.
  13. i was listening to 606 the other night and a celtic fan was on, and he mentioned that the relationship between the celtic board and BR broke down because they wouldn't back him in the transfer market and that's where it all fell apart (our celtic friend probably has more insight on this). interestingly one of the two players this fan said the board wouldn't sign was James Justin! i know this isn't his thread, but that kid is some player! like a few posts have said, let him control the team and back him and he doesn't need to look anywhere else yet. i do think he has a f
  14. i think he feels he needs to stay edgey or somehow relevant because the new kids on the block, particularly Micha Richards (who, for what its worth, i think is a brilliant pundit) are clearly a cut above, and his screen time is becoming less and less.
  15. i watched the release video yesterday and forwarded it to two friends, and mentioned, that all 3 of us went to the first game that the Thai's and sousa were in charge for, palace away, and we were 3-0 down at half time. if someone had walked up to me and said don't sweat, it over the next 10 years we'd win league titles, see some on the best players in Europe play in that blue shirt, play in European competitions and it all culminate with the completion of a state of the art training facility that very well may be the best in Europe if not the world! i'd have laughed my self silly, then had th
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