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  1. I'm not even gonna entertain that
  2. I just don't rate him at all lost all faith in him the moment he ran it out against saville I would literally let him go.
  3. Personally i'd give him back or throw him in the woggy
  4. Looking for 1 away ticket thank you please
  5. Any tickets going for this just got back from spain last night need an excuse to sink more booze my body is having withdrawals
  6. Msg'd you mate
  7. Any spare tickets going for this?
  8. I need of a ticket for todays match would love you long time! can collect.
  9. Looking for 1 ticket for todays game anywhere would suit me P.S i can pass for u12's after a shave
  10. You didn't need to as I was the OP. Regardless I couldn't care less just stating why I was coming back at people and it wasn't because people don't agree with me and in reply to you calling me sad for looking at old footage i'd been watching highlights on youtube which wasn't long after i had the conversation with a mate I suppose I added 2+2 and got 5 yes it sounded far fetched but interesting enough to atleast debate it obviously all this transfer talk is getting people heated up.
  11. No he told me to f**k off but you can use the word dismissing to make it sound better if you want. Fair play people don't think it's the case with the vardy thing i don't either i'm not upset people don't share the same view as i do it's just when you get people being sarcastic and rude for no reason other than the fact they have anonymity
  12. I know your just being sarcastic well I hope you are but just in case, I never meant in general play it was this one celebration that differs from the rest and in light of the news in the last couple of weeks I wondered if the rest of the fan base thought it had any correlation. Some obviously do some are more bothered about being a smart arse it seems, suppose thats what you get when you talk to fourm fans.
  13. Whats your problem you wet sap it's a forum where people discuss things if you don't want to talk about it don't oh and in reply to your grammar police comment.... do i give a flying phuck
  14. He didn't have a choice really he was the set penalty taker after marhez missed those 2 pens Arsenal fans were already pissed off over the "soft" peno so god knows what they'd of bin like if he'd of celebrated like bournemouth or even worse the WBA away game we all know how fickle they can be.
  15. That's a good point maybe it was a case of keeping him happy who knows time will tell I suppose.