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  1. Marhez we know you wanna go but we want the right price 50 million in the summer isn't 50 million in january especially on the last day of the transfer window
  2. Last seasons kit

    Just got one off the puma site nice one tho mate also had to pay 23 dollars for prem badges ;( @KingX shit nice one for letting us know gonna cancel my order on ebay probably just saved me about 15 quid legend
  3. Last seasons kit

    Not gonna lie probably all of those but it's white so cant really tell about the cum mate
  4. Last seasons kit

    Cheers pal you reckon they'd be any prem 15/16 badges knocking about still? could always just get the champions league ones instead tho
  5. Last seasons kit

    Easy peeps was wondering if anyone knew where I could get last seasons away kit mine has recently been ruined at a festival and i'm absolutely gutted Had a quick search on google and ebay but fount nothing would be amazing if someone had one or could point me in the right direction.
  6. Looking for a ticket for Liverpool
  7. Liverpool tickets

    After one ticket for today
  8. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    In need of a ticket for tonight if anyones got anything going
  9. looking for 1 ticket for tonight
  10. Musa loan to CSKA?

    I'm not even gonna entertain that
  11. Musa loan to CSKA?

    I just don't rate him at all lost all faith in him the moment he ran it out against saville I would literally let him go.
  12. Musa loan to CSKA?

    Personally i'd give him back or throw him in the woggy
  13. West Brom (A) Sat 29th April 3pm KO

    Looking for 1 away ticket thank you please
  14. Liverpool home

    Any tickets going for this just got back from spain last night need an excuse to sink more booze my body is having withdrawals
  15. Derby away fa cup

    Msg'd you mate