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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    After 50 hours I've just unlocked high rank missions, starting to think I should of done this earlier rather than hunting low rank monsters way to much.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    Really enjoying it so far, my first monster hunter game. Just got to rank 5 and killed my first Anjanath
  3. Thank you, Andy King.

    I think kingy is a Welshman would be a good song choice for today on 10 minutes.
  4. Destiny 2

    I'm in a clan of about 12 people from leicester that all came over from the first game so hopefully we should be able to sort a team.
  5. Destiny 2

    Makes 2 of us, have 3 around 298 and haven't looked at the raid yet, possibly this weekend.
  6. Destiny 2

    Got back from holiday so finally got to put some hours into it and I must say it's far superior to the first game.
  7. Destiny 2

    I don't think you'll regret it, I've already found more to do patrolling the edz than I did in the vanilla version of the first game.
  8. Destiny 2

    Anybody needs people for raids etc then feel free to add me as their is about 8 of us from leicester who are voving the second game that do raids, trials etc.
  9. Destiny 2

    Put in a few hours on release, really been enjoying it so far.
  10. Who do you want Summer 2017

    I believe west ham didn't want to go that high and he's not had a pre season so would take about a month to get him up to speed. That's what I took from sky sports.
  11. Destiny 2

    I've been enjoying it has issues, most of which I hope will be fixed by release, but at the same time this is a 6 month old build using basic stat characters and we have no idea how weapon and armour mods work.
  12. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Currently enjoying final fantasy 12 atm, tried it when it originally came out and couldn't get into it but I think experience of other similar style games has helped me realise how good it is.
  13. Destiny 2

    Looking forward to It, shall put it on in about an hour and see how the servers cope with the influx
  14. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    They were taken over by a Chinese billionaire last season I believe.
  15. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    It doesn't matter but I would play dark souls 1 first as it's brilliant and as your going through the third you will realise why it was worth it.