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  1. Currently enjoying final fantasy 12 atm, tried it when it originally came out and couldn't get into it but I think experience of other similar style games has helped me realise how good it is.
  2. Looking forward to It, shall put it on in about an hour and see how the servers cope with the influx
  3. They were taken over by a Chinese billionaire last season I believe.
  4. It doesn't matter but I would play dark souls 1 first as it's brilliant and as your going through the third you will realise why it was worth it.
  5. We've tried Europe and now we're expanding globally, Leicester city next AFCON champions.
  6. I think you could play chalobah with n'didi if you had say gylfi in front of them but not so much in a flat four.
  7. If calhangolu is still the same player as he was before the ban then he would be a dream signing.
  8. I use my Xbox elite controller on my ps4 for certain games, the extra buttons are a nice luxury to have.
  9. Anybody fancy doing some multiplayer on ps4?
  10. Decided to see if I could get into FFXV as I couldn't back in December and I must say I did enjoy it except a couple of parts, now to see if I can gain enough levels to beat adamantoise before mass effect comes out.
  11. If you are pre ordering on pc or Xbox one then consider paying for origin/ea access for the month as you can start playing this week and if you don't like it then cancel your order.
  12. I have the ancient armour but it's not obtainable until 90% through the main story.
  13. Been really enjoying it do far, probably should do some missions tho as my main quests and side ones range from level 10-15 and I'm 24.
  14. I'm looking forward to playing this next weekend.
  15. Red dead revolver is on the psn store atm, bought it yesterday on my ps4.