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  1. His very own Steven Gerard moment!
  2. It’s not working out for Puel at our club. He is criticising fans for too much ambition, lack of patience and now short mementoes over Vichai. Too many excuses!
  3. A dark day in the Purl era. No excuses. I think the reason Puel splits fans’ opinion is because he is, on average, a mediocre manager. Not completely bad and not consistently good. Some great results, some woeful results. Some inspired tactical moves, some unfathomable decisions - all averaging out to plain old mediocre. I think he has done enough and earned enough points this season to guarantee our survival. Therefore he should be given until the end of this season - let’s see if he can build consistently and review it in May - ideally with a plan B lined up to preven
  4. Sour grapes 3 years on. I fear that Pochettino still has not learned his lesson. We won fair and square by 10 points! There was no conspiracy. The longer he tells his players they lost because of a national conspiracy, rather than losing their battles on the pitch, the longer they will be titleless.
  5. I genuinely think the main issue with Puel is the on the pitch performances. It’s dull, boring and ineffective. Regressing and not progressing. I am not enjoying games at the minute and many fans are also attending out of duty and loyalty. His inability to communicate is only a secondary issue, and wouldn’t matter if we were performing well.
  6. Reading this forum you would think that Puel is the only manager on the planet who is able to select young players. Just for awareness- he isn’t. Others can do it too. You would also think that he is the only man on the planet who can coach a team to pass the ball. I have no idea why so many are putting their faith in him. Where is he evidence? What has he achieved on the Premier League? Or his career for that matter? Why back this particular manager! I am dumbfounded that he has so much support despite the clear evidence to the contrary. Anybody
  7. Negatives - tactics that don’t maximise the talent in the team (Vardy) - doesn’t know his strongest team - Spent more money than any previous manager - no connection with the fans - killed the atmosphere at the KP - abject performances - going backwards, no evidence of improvement - best squad outside the top six - boring, boring and more boring - reproducing his results at Southampton - his philosophy is unproven to work in PL - odd substitutions - demotivated the players - rubbish results - inflexibility, ideologic
  8. Certainly shouldn’t be given any more money. He must have spent more than any other previous manager. He has already been significantly backed. It is time for him to prove himself and provide a reason to back him. He hasn’t earned the right to the cheque book.
  9. I feel so desrerately sad this morning at what has happened. Vichai's ownership of LCFC has been the best period in our history, no question. He has shown immense love to the club and indeed the people of Leicester outside of football, as seen in his multimillion pound donation to the Children's hospital following the title. Always kind, always gracious. An absolute gentleman in and out of football. My prayers are with him and his family. They are amazing people and my thoughts are with them at this desperate time. I hope we get a miracle.
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