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  1. W88DY

    Who do you want January 2019

    There wont be any signings in January so want all you like....
  2. Mourinho won`t be at Utd come January.. then again Puel might not be at City either, just saying...
  3. No you`re wrong, the report said that we had the same points tally now after 7 games in which was the same amount as when we won the title! What you on about grow up? Why don't you shut the **** up cus you don't know what ya going on about!! Do you really think the owners will give him the season to be judged on? I think you will find the answer is no.... Do you think we will win many games if he keeps on playing Wes Morgan? Again I think you might find the answer is again no. The owners what success and my point was whilst Puel keeps on playing Wes we will continue to lose games and struggle cus he simply isn't good enough, back up at best from now on... ffs sent off twice with 8 games played and you want me to judge it over a season..
  4. We are who we are but with quality international players, didn`t the owners come in and say they had a 5 year plan and want to see us finish in the top 6 in five years time? We only won the title cus the bigger teams wasn't picking up points and we were! It was a one off and we will never see that happen again in our lifetimes but this season I expect better things to come just as long as he plays one of his new cb`s instead of Morgan ffs...
  5. Yes I still get the arse if we don`t win,(ask the wife) nobody talks to me cus I bite their head off but having said that if he keeps picking Morgan then we are never gunna win a game as he`s just not good enough at this level, don`t sign 3 cb`s in the summer and don't play them..
  6. W88DY

    Jonny Evans

    Yeah and we rated Akinbiyi, that`s the way it goes ...
  7. Yeah they will be, we`re all Leicester fans....
  8. I`d welcome him back with open arms if he`s given the chance to come back and say his farewells, do it whilst it`s still fresh in our minds cus we will never see it again in our lifetimes..... depending on how old you are? im 95....
  9. W88DY


    Send Wes out on loan to the Championship, have a back 3 of Evans, Souyuncu and Maguire with Benkovic on the bench.... Sorted!!
  10. W88DY

    Should we be concerned?

    Cus we will win our 1st game, will that do?
  11. W88DY


    Nigeria means more to him than Leicester I`d say !!
  12. W88DY

    Mahmoud Hassan / Trezeguet ??‍♂️

    Isn`t fair to say he is playing with bang average players though, you`re never gunna get the best out of him.....
  13. W88DY

    Jamie Vardy

    I would of thought that Southgate will rotate the squad so perhaps Vardy will play Sunday and save Kane for Belgium ?