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  1. Yes, i paired them next to each other downstairs then plugged one into my router and took the other upstairs and think it worked for a bit then it doesn`t want to work?
  2. Hi all, I hope everyone is ok at this difficult time... Is there anyone on here that might be able to put me right where i might be going wrong as i bought this TP-Link TL-PA7010PKIT to boost the internet connection. 1-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit, Data Transfer Speed Up to 1000 Mbps, Ideal for HD/3D/4K Video Streaming and Online Gaming, No Configuration Required. Apparently all you have to do is hold a button in and pair them up but for some unknown reason we still struggle with getting online upstairs and outside, yes i have a 350mbps download speed but this has to be purely down to connectivity coverage hence the booster. I have one plugged in downstairs and connected to my router via an ethernet cable and the other is in the bedroom just plugged into the mains, you press both buttons on each plug and pair them up but not sure if there is something else involved like the internet settings with regards the router to allow this to work?? Baffled? I get 2 lights out of 3 with the plug downstairs that are permanently on and 1 light out of 3 that flashes upstairs which means it`s in power saving mode?? Why is it in power saving mode if i paired them?? Thanks for the replies in advance and stay safe....
  3. I think it`s fair to say that we will only qualify for Champions league football if Maddison don`t go missing in games and plays how we all know he can, the same remark would also apply to Chilwell.....
  4. I thought we played very well tonight and Villa got lucky !
  5. You must be watching another team pal and not Leicester, Ben Chilwell has been poor for a few games now, yesterday he gave the ball away 20 times and that`s just in the first half....
  6. If you don`t know you don`t know, it doesn`t mean you are thick, Yes the Ethernet lead plugs into the router and into the device you are using, not to sure about Laptops but would of thought so..
  7. The draw starts on Thursday at 08:45 GMT and will be broadcast live on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2. You can also follow it on the BBC Sport website.
  8. Hi pal, Reading the description of what you are looking for I have to say that Skala in Kefalonia is right up your street, it`s not massively over populated with tourists, yes it`s getting bigger since we first went in 2001 because they are building there just like they are here but everything you want is just a 5 to 10 minute walk away depending on where you stay, the sun is out all day long without a single cloud in sight and this is every day.. We went again this year in July for the 17th time and had temperatures every day of 35-37 degrees, it`s a lovely island with lovely people and I cant praise it enough.... We have been to many other holiday destinations but nothing beats Skala….. Hope this helps....
  9. I think you might be right pal, That's Another Nail in My Heart I may aswell stop in and drink Black Coffee in Bed...
  10. Hi all, I didn't even realise until just now that Squeeze where on tour, Anyhow if anyone has 2 spare tickets for the De Mont on Tues 22nd Oct let us know and I`ll have them off you, thanks..
  11. Andros Townsend missed the only spot-kick in the penalty shoot-out
  12. It` a one off, anything can happen !!
  13. I thought about him being in my top 5 but he come 6th...
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