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  1. He was good enough for Rodgers at Celtic so why not now??
  2. Why would you travel to Greece anyway to do what? Sit in a pub and watch the game on the box or am i missing the point and some fans will be aloud in the stadium ..
  3. He was the main man behind this group and will be very much missed! r.i.p Van Halen...
  4. Scum bags then in other words that know FA about football....
  5. Yes i agree with you regarding the first Nations league tournament and it kind of seemed a better watch but at the end of the day it is still just a friendly match, yes no fans don`t help matters but with it being a friendly the players are not exactly up for it like it`s a qualifier and means something. Like you mentioned all friendly games should of been called off during this current pandemic in my opinion !
  6. Here, here! I don`t get it either, never have and never will ! They even renamed it as The nations League just to make it sound better than what it is and so it gathers a bigger audience but it it doesn`t ! It`s just dull ....
  7. The bottom line is we didn`t make the Champions League this time around as expected but i am sure the club will do all they can to make sure we do it the next time whenever that may be, such a shame given the position we was and every fan like me thought we were going to do it but it wasn`t to be. Don`t worry, we are still in Europe and have a much better chance of winning the Europa !
  8. I think when they do eventually sack Dean Smith which i kind of think will happen at some point soon they will then appoint Nigel Pearson as manager with Shakespeare as no 2!! Watford`s loss is Villa`s gain !
  9. The bottom line is that Demarai Gray has not improved as a player over the last 4 years, he has been given the chance to shine on many occasions and not took them really!! Championship player at best!
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