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  1. King Power To Unite Fans Of Leicester City & OH Leuven

    Well, I was flagging all through the day's work after that marathon trip home. Thank god our driver decided to overtake the coach two lot after taking us on a rural detour is all I can say. You really can't fault it - a free trip to a lovely city with great people, practically taking over a stadium, another country ticked off the list and hangovers all around from some of the best beer on earth! The only thing it was missing was an extra day to really explore, but it's got me itching to go back so if that was the target, mission accomplished from Vichai and Top! Glad I nipped out for the morning paper, our little piece in the local rag seems to have gone down well! Though I'm disappointed they didn't give "six beers on his tray" a write-up. I'm keen to go back - are folks serious about heading out again for the playoff if OHL make it? In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the return leg for Watford and watching as Jim leads their fans bemused around the Marketplace and the ringroad with a megaphone before ending up at the F Bar. Culture. Since I didn't think to seek out fellow FT'ers out there, I was the dead ringer for Ringo Starr after a long stint in rehab in the beige cardigan.
  2. Vardy - this is cool right?

    'Are Jamie is definitely going to Russia, barring an injury. At this rate Maggie might too, and I do believe that it'll be at least Summer before a proper bid comes in before either, so I ask the question - when was the last time TWO Leicester players were in the same World Cup Squad, and when was the last time two played in the same team at a major tournament, never mind a World Cup? Tonight has given me that annoying, misguided hope that we may well be able to do a job. It's the hope that kills you.
  3. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    I wasn't savvy to that. You think they'd have got the hint by now, though, especially since they could have spent that time looking for alternatives? If tonight's good performance from the "fringe" should have taught the FA setup anything, it's that they shouldn't be afraid to cast their net wider in searching for England players. Admittedly, Cork has finally made an appearence for the Three Lions tonight, but I could also rattle off Dunk, Stephens, Cook or (at a push) Surman who have played regularly to a higher standard in the past 18 months and meet the (in my eyes stupid) belief that you have to play in the top flight to get into the England set-up. Still, I'm derailing the thread a bit, I'll admit. Nobody gets a call-up after 5 months out unless they're a "big club" man, hence why Wilshere was at Euro 2016 and Drinkwater wasn't. I'll admit that the approach has changed to an extent under Southgate - tonight has shown that - but there's clear progress to be made if we're actually going to start picking players on merit, and midfield is the worst position for it. EDIT - Right on cue, everybody on ITV is rimming Drinkwater! Ian Wright has spoken, I stand corrected. PS: Given everyone jerks off about Burnley being an unsung hero of English "talent", most of their team's "Home Nations" heart is actually Irish (Hendrick, Brady, Ward).
  4. England squad

    Maggie doing the business at the end. Has to be nailed on in a back 3 with Stones and Jones, surely? We looked better tonight than we have done at any point in the whole qualifying campaign, and finding a way to get Vardy, Kane and Loftus-Cheek to play in the first XI has to be the next priority. I think tonight showed we have the tools to build a genuinely good team. It's the first time I've had a positive feeling coming out of an England match for a long time, and that wasn't just because 2 Leicester players played - the fringe players tonight, if there's any justice in the world, should have given Southgate a real headache.
  5. England squad

    Leipzig's on fire, it is 1945 (inb4 mod warning)
  6. England squad

    Great header Jamie, great save. Whisper it, but this is a good game of football from England. They shouldn't to be honest, three of those were won by a country which no longer exists. England and Germany have one title each. West Germany had three, but they don't exist anymore. It's like MK Dons trying to claim they won the FA Cup.
  7. I really enjoyed Scunny as an away day back in our Dark Ages to be fair. Probably something to do with having KFC right next to the ground. Anyone planning to go?
  8. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    It's a weird point to be making in honesty on a night when Southgate is playing the fringe, including two of our own, and they're looking far and away more coherent and exciting than the "first XI" have done since... well, when we beat Germany 3-2. It's maddening to know this performance, which has been good so far, is inevitably going to be thrown in the bin and the same old faces will be playing when we line up in Russia next year. Probably with Drinkwater in midfield based on current trends.
  9. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    On the whole England thing, I think that reflects far worse on the England set-up than on Danny himself. He plays the football of his life in our title year, and only finally gets his deserved international recognition in a tiny cameo when the title was already pretty much sewn-up. He then gets left behind for the Euros so that a barely-fit Jack Wilshere can join the fold instead. Because Arsenal. His performances have regressed ever since. Then, once he joins Chelsea, Southgate is straight on the phone to him to offer him the call despite barely kicking a ball in anger since April, still being injured and not having played well for a string of more than two games for the best part of two years and having rightly been ignored for the entirety of last season with us. The big club cartel is real. If I was a fan of Bournemouth, Brighton or Burnley right now, I'd be livid that my own perfectly competent midfielders aren't being given the nod first before Drinkwater got that call. He shouldn't have been rung in the first place.
  10. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    That he's going to see his career stall at Chelsea. He may win the odd bit of silverware, but I'm fairly sure it'll be in more of a Gokhan Inler capacity than a Wes Morgan one appearance-wise. It's his prerogative, to be honest. I'm not so bothered, since our midfield was just as bad for most of last year with him in it as it was this year until Iborra really got going recently, and most of those lamenting his passing would still have not seen him kick a ball in anger until last month had he stayed, given his injury. We're moving on, he has done too, but I'll follow his progress there with interest because I'm convinced that he's made a mistake and will regress, and that he's a follower rather than a leader in a good midfield at this level - whether that was Cambiasso or Kanté. He was a hero in 15-16, but it was a team effort and the year following that has given us all a real chance to properly assess the true character and abilities of our players. Which I suppose is a weird point to make, I accept. I'm simultaneously saying that he wasn't all he was made out to be during his time here, but also saying that in going to Chelsea he's over-rating his own abilities, or more likely Chelsea were when signing him (I won't go into the possibility that they signed him cynically to meet their "home nations quota" - that's another argument entirely). I'm not sure there's a single midfield in the top six - maybe eight - right now that he'd be able to walk into the first XI of - and yes, in current form I include Burnley and Brighton in that. That considered, I admire his will to challenge himself to get into that midfield, but the fact remains that even now, when it's about the sh1ttiest it's been for the past decade, he's nowhere near being a first choice. His injury might have already cost him his chance, unless the planets align and both Kanté and Fabrégas end up out for a number of games. Even then, I don't believe that Bakayoko is the sort of reassuring influence he has shown he needs at this level to flourish, despite being ahead of him in the pecking order - I stand by that the last time Drinkwater genuinely looked like the primary controlling influence on midfield in games on a consistent basis was in the Championship. I'll make my judgement once Silva starts playing for us and gets a run of games, but when you consider that Danny's fee paid for both him and Iborra, I'm pretty sure we'll be laughing all the way to the bank come May. Farcical transfers aside, you'd have to have the most blue-tinted spectacles on earth to believe that he's currently worth the collective impact on the team that those two could potentially have, league-winning heroics or not. Edit - clarifying some more crappily-made points
  11. England squad

    While we're at it, that remembrance service was beautiful and impeccably observed by everybody. I was pissed off earlier today to find that work didn't have anything planned for today or Monday, but that more than made up for it. Welled up a little.
  12. Ridiculous ratings on King, he did fine coming on apart from being slung on the near post for Crouch's goal, which was a tactical decision rather than any particular fault of his own. Still, everybody needs a scapegoat, even if it's misdirected and ignores about 3 of our defenders failing to track Crouch's run. I was blaming Wellens before it was cool.
  13. I really do hope we get to meet him on Sunday. I miss 'Are Nige. Oh btw I'm going Belgium, lads, see you there.
  14. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    As predicted, even with Chelsea playing a midfield 5, with Kanté back Danny is stuck on the bench despite their patchy form. I'd expect him to make a sub appearance at some point today, but what hope does he realistically have of breaking into this first XI unless one of Bakayoko, Kante or Fabregas moves elsewhere? He's a weaker option than all three off the bench, even with them failing to stamp their authority on games... My god. He's Chelsea's Andy King.
  15. The OH Leuven Thread