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  1. bluesbrothers

    Show us yer mix tape, homage to the humble cassette

    Good taste man - been a while since I heard Sexy Mexican Maid. In fact, I might just use the Mother's Milk album to test these blanks I've just picked up!
  2. bluesbrothers

    Show us yer mix tape, homage to the humble cassette

    Literally just been to Melton to get some old BASFs off a bloke on Freecycle. I've gone tape crazy over the last six months, notably picking up a fella's entire life recordings of 300+ tapes for free on the very same site. He'd just got around to digitising his collection so he wanted them to go to a good home, and I was daft enough to accept them all! There's no other format I know where anybody would be throwing out 300 albums worth of Prog, Classic Rock and Electronica on 80's D90s for free, and that's the joy of it - they're dirt cheap to collect, if not entirely free from the right people! Now Vinyl is back in the mainstream the days of easily picking up anything good for a low price are long gone - and besides, they take up a hell of a lot of space. It's culminated in finally getting a proper working deck during a hunt at Quorn Car Boot the other week. Nice little Sansui with a solid range and good recording capabilities. Plays sweet as a nut and has an interesting history - the fella selling it lived on the road in Birstall where the house blew up in the gas explosion. He was helping their next door neighbour clear out their conservatory as it got wrecked by the blast, and this tape deck was amongst the stuff he got given to sell on. I figured that if it already survived an explosion it must be made of tough stuff. Cassettes really are tempremental buggers to get working right in this day and age where the only good equipment available is 25-odd years old, but it's already taught me a few things about electronics getting into the gubbins of various Walkmans and Hi-Fis to service them And yes, there's something immensely satisfying about making a Mixtape - you know it's unique to you. Half the fun of collecting is finding people's crappy old tapes at swapmeets and stuff and taking them home to decide if their music taste was good or terrible
  3. bluesbrothers

    foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    Climbed 6 places since Friday, 7 if Arsenal - Man City stays the way it is now.
  4. bluesbrothers

    Man United v Leicester - Score predictions

    Given the blatant discontent amongst the Old Trafford fanbase, and possibly amongst Man Utd's own ranks, over this window, I think we find ourselves presented with a unique opportunity to really twist the knife tomorrow and get our first win at Old Trafford since Cottee sank them all those years ago. I honestly think we can get something out of tomorrow - on paper even a draw would be a fab result, but if we show up we can take advantage of a back line who can't exactly be the most confident knowing they're only starting because Jose scared off their replacements with his miserable bonce. Get me on the Optimism Bus, boys! Time to top the Premier League for the first time in... um, two years! 1-2 win, Maddison and Maguire with the goals.
  5. bluesbrothers

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    My biggest memory from that game was Gary Taylor Fletcher scoring a consolation goal that we celebrated like we'd won the Premier League. How little we knew...
  6. bluesbrothers

    Vardy just signed new four year contract

    Or maybe he'll finish off at the boyhood club who were stupid enough to release him? I'm well chilled out now - can't wait for Switzerland next month now I know we'll still have 2 of our players wearing the 3 Lions at our stadium.
  7. bluesbrothers

    Vardy just signed new four year contract

    With Kingy at the end of his time with us, is it safe to now say our Jamie is "Mr. Leicester City?" Can't reiterate how important it is to tie him down for the rest of his "best years". We're set. Can't wait for tomorrow now.
  8. bluesbrothers

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    All the best, Leo. You had some big big moments in your few years here.
  9. bluesbrothers


    For those who recall one-and-a-half-hit wonders Electric Six, their frontman Dick Valentine has been doing daily round-ups of the World Cup on Facebook. This was his take on Nigeria - Iceland: So there you have it.
  10. bluesbrothers

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

  11. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace post match thread 5 - 0

    You know those memers who still call the Leicester players snakes for getting Ranieri the sack? I finally agree with them. They want to get Puel sacked. It's time for a clear-out. Of the old guard still playing in that first XI, I can only say with a straight face that Vardy and, at a push, Albrighton (today excepted) deserve to remain at the club.
  12. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    MAGGIE IN MIDFIELD You can't make some of this stuff up
  13. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    I refer back to what I said earlier. He has this weird, cringe-y soft spot for the Eagles and it's in full force today. He won't stop declaring how brilliant Zaha is, how wonderful Selhurst Park is, how much Van Aanholt has come on as a player since he was average for us and so on. He just credited Choudhury for defensive work. I sh1t you not - that was the first positive thing he has said about us IN OVER HALF AN HOUR OF PLAY. I know we've been second best, but the negativity is astounding.
  14. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Someone give me an alternative audio stream please. I'm going to smash my radio if I have to listen to Stringer rim Palace and slate us much longer.