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  1. bluesbrothers


    For those who recall one-and-a-half-hit wonders Electric Six, their frontman Dick Valentine has been doing daily round-ups of the World Cup on Facebook. This was his take on Nigeria - Iceland: So there you have it.
  2. bluesbrothers

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

  3. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace post match thread 5 - 0

    You know those memers who still call the Leicester players snakes for getting Ranieri the sack? I finally agree with them. They want to get Puel sacked. It's time for a clear-out. Of the old guard still playing in that first XI, I can only say with a straight face that Vardy and, at a push, Albrighton (today excepted) deserve to remain at the club.
  4. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    MAGGIE IN MIDFIELD You can't make some of this stuff up
  5. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    I refer back to what I said earlier. He has this weird, cringe-y soft spot for the Eagles and it's in full force today. He won't stop declaring how brilliant Zaha is, how wonderful Selhurst Park is, how much Van Aanholt has come on as a player since he was average for us and so on. He just credited Choudhury for defensive work. I sh1t you not - that was the first positive thing he has said about us IN OVER HALF AN HOUR OF PLAY. I know we've been second best, but the negativity is astounding.
  6. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Someone give me an alternative audio stream please. I'm going to smash my radio if I have to listen to Stringer rim Palace and slate us much longer.
  7. bluesbrothers

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Stringer is such a kn0b it's unreal. Due to forces beyond my control I'm stuck with Radio Leicester today. Since the first minute of the programme, Stringer has done absolutely nothing but slate our team and, for want of a better word, rim Palace. Zaha is world class. Selhurst Park is "one of his favourite grounds". Sakho is "somebody we should be looking at". He is really, REALLY winding me up. He actually sounds more excited when they get the ball. I'm p1ssed off, frankly. He needs to take a look at himself, you'd think he was commentating for BBC Radio London today.
  8. bluesbrothers

    Loan Watch 2017/18

    He's too good for Swansea. I'd say he's about on the level of a Leicester City myself.
  9. bluesbrothers

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    But likewise, if Stoke and Southampton both beat them, they're gonners. Some massive fixtures coming up for all three then.
  10. bluesbrothers

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    We could always borrow some of Sunderland's spare seats and paint the red ones blue.
  11. bluesbrothers

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Swansea are really in the 5h1t too, both Stoke and Southampton can still catch them. Wouldn't want to see our Kingy relegated, but fact is they're stagnating at just the wrong time while the performances, if not necessarily the results, of both the teams directly below them are starting to improve. Who is their game in hand against?
  12. bluesbrothers

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    So it looks like it's pretty much guaranteed now that 7th is getting Europa. So... feel a little dirty saying it (albeit not so dirty since the title season and our shared hatred of the Spuds), and no guarantees of us hanging on to 8th anyway, but... are we Arsenal fans for the rest of the season? Also, additional question - if Liverpool win the UCL, Arsenal win the Europa and the domestic cups both go to UCL qualifiers, does that mean 9th gets Europa? Or would Chelsea just end up playing in both competitions on a 5th place finish?
  13. bluesbrothers

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Awww, and here I was hoping to mine reams of Reddit karma when it turned out Mahrez was in the squad after all. Let's dick 'em.
  14. bluesbrothers

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Wellp, that's blown it.
  15. bluesbrothers

    Slimani to Newcastle

    We're theoretically able to catch Chelsea, even if it's a massive ask at this point. Why the hell would we loan them one of our players, fringe or not, to help them consolidate a spot we probably won't get but still want? Selling is one thing - it's a final thing - but if you're on loan, you have to be able to go back to the parent club at a moment's notice if required. We could do without any split loyalties if there's an outside chance of top 4 at their expense, as farfetched as that scenario may be.