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  1. Scoobyrob


    Just read the Arsenal Forum. Out of interest, does anyone know off hand the last player we sold, who we didn't want to sell, who left because they wanted a bigger club or we sold them for the cash!
  2. Scoobyrob

    Fraizer Campbell

    I like the idea of signing decent squad players on the cheap who are capable of forcing there way into the side. As for Albrighton he was Villas best player towards the end of the season and if he hits the heights he's capable of it will probably be our best signing.
  3. Scoobyrob


    It's quite simple. Knocky is the exact opposite of James! James does all the simple things with no real flair. Knocky doesn't do the simple things but does do the flair. If Knocky goes and does his thing ten times in a game, gives the ball away nine times but on the other one occasion creates a goal then surely he has done his job. I think he's a match winner and will be next season with more maturity.
  4. Scoobyrob

    David nugent

    Yea I agree. Hope he proves he's good enough now. Seems to have been around forever.
  5. Scoobyrob

    David nugent

  6. Scoobyrob

    Schmeichel to stay

    Nigel mentioned about sticking to plan A. I got the impression plan B comes into action when promotion is secured. I wonder if a lot of the contracts including his own only need signing. I'm sure all the right deals will be finalised for the club and the players and before too long.
  7. Scoobyrob

    Well done

    Thanks for that. We could use the Ricoh next year for our under 21 games being as your not using it. Been a few years since there was a decent crowd there. Only joking. Anyway all the best with sorting the finances out, I'm sure there's a few of us miss the rivalry!
  8. Scoobyrob

    Well done

  9. Scoobyrob

    David nugent

    All season I've thought he was a good championship player at best. When he was in the premier league before he wasn't quite good enough. I've always thought that other than Vardy and Wood we would need 3 or 4 more strikers in the summer. But I too have changed my mind now. He's improved a lot and I think will be a key player next year and deserves probably a 2 year deal with a relegation clause if needed.
  10. Scoobyrob

    Schmeichel to stay

    I think he will stay. He'll probably be offered more money elsewhere but the guarantee of first team premier league football with Leicester I'm sure would be the natural next step in his career. He has undoubtedly improved since he came to Leicester and his and Leicester's future just seem to be progressing perfectly together. Fingers crossed anyway.
  11. Scoobyrob

    I cried today...

    Think he would have enjoyed today !
  12. Scoobyrob

    Burnley Post Match Thread 0 - 2

    In every professional sport around the globe you have big and little teams, rich and poor teams, good and bad teams. That is because sport is a business. But what we should have done as a club at the start of the season was to ask Burnley how much they were going to spend on wages and transfer fees so we could produce a team of comparison. Then we would have not played our 4 best players in this game just to make the game a fair battle. But because we didn't I hardly slept a wink last night out of sheer guilt. WHAT A JOKE!
  13. Scoobyrob

    Teams that mathematically can't catch us

    The way teams are dropping points, 80 points could well be enough. I doubt qpr are good enough to pick up 17 points from 10 games.
  14. Scoobyrob

    RL Football Forum: 'Plastic Fans'

    I've supported the club for 35 years. I consider myself as passionate about Leicester City as anyone else on here. I go to the games when I want or can and not when some jumped up little tw*t on here thinks I should. I have a life as well as football and often other things have to come first.
  15. Scoobyrob

    RL Football Forum: 'Plastic Fans'

    I live in Birmingham and if I come and bring the family it's expensive. It's not fair to them if I come on my own cause they miss out. So I don't come at all except the odd game. However when my credit card is finally paid off later this year I will come to a few more. This will be in the Prem so I guess I am plastic too. I have been to the Barnsley and Millwall home games and am coming to Doncaster. I used to do most home games.