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  1. Have to say it's quite obvious that man city have made an illegal approach to mahrez/his agent to put in a transfer request slowly to keep the transfer fee to a minimum.Even seen it discussed on the blue moon site. If this has been the case then you could say mahrez doesn't give a shit for our owners and just wants out. Thank God this has all back fired on him and those money grabbing oil sheiks. Leave him playing for the under 23s for the rest of the season and let those players who want to play play.
  2. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    If he down tools then bench him for 2 1/2 years. Sick of these players accepting massive contracts then jumping ship.
  3. Andy King

    Andy f..King sigh doesn't even stand out in a field of dog shit
  4. Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 post match thread

    I don't think we should be having ago at the manager. Let's see what happens during Jan window and if we still have the same dross in defence, then we can all start to slay him. The only negligent part from the manager will be keeping this squad together. We need mainly a new team and a new start
  5. Liverpool A Match Thread

    Morgan doesnt say anything apart from flapping his arms about like a f..King windmill
  6. Our defence. Good enough?

    Come Jan you won't recognise the defence.
  7. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    Why is Nfp coming back
  8. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Would take this guy over any of the alternatives banded about.
  9. Next City Manager?

    For once I do actually agree with Babylon
  10. Manuel Pellegrini

    That's why the odds dropped from 25/1 to 9/ 4 some one put £2 smackers on the nose.
  11. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Don't know what all the fuss is about, CS wouldnt even play him.We have 40 -50 million pounds of summer transfers sitting on the bench most f**king games and a goal keeper most haven't set eyes on yet.
  12. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Think CS should have started managing in div 1. Certainly out his depth and unfortunately you get no time to learn at the top.
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Wba will be real pressure game for CS lose that and it's bye bye
  14. Carlo Ancelotti

    Just extended his contract but good call
  15. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Me too couldn't even be bothered to check the score at half time.