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  1. I read some where he has been trying to get away from this image rights agency for the last for 2 years. Surely it can't affect a transfer move.
  2. 30 m plus adding agreed personal terms leaves next week
  3. Won't have any trouble walking back into the team with the dross we are being linked to if you believe any of it.
  4. If they announced he wasn't getting the job how many other players do you suppose would jump ship think about it
  5. Could just be another manager being approached hence why all is quiet on transfers. Does any one really believe Shakespeare can be trusted with 100 million and take us back to champions league he hasn't even got back room staff. Sorry may upset a few people on here but trust me these owners want a big name.
  6. Laurant Blanc
  7. The longer this goes on now the more chance a new manager is coming in
  8. Wenger is on 8 million a year
  9. Musa may not be good enough for the premiership he may not have the skills, he may not have anything,but he didn't put his price tag on the market, and he certainly didn't ask to come here before we showed very poor judgement wanting him.its not his fault, just get off his back and leave him alone. Sure he will be gone at the end of the season but until then for Christ sake leave him alone.
  10. Yes and then we can revert back to all the shite after they get a one match rest
  11. Easy solution to this get shot of Rudkin and move ranieri to director of football
  12. Didn't Mr P allow a certain player to go for nowt who is worth 20 odd million now.... obviously didn't recognise a talent under his nose
  13. Think Gray is going rip this league apart. Really looking forward to seeing him this year
  14. One thing worries me is the rest of the tickets will go to arm chair manure fans. We will be out supported at least two to one.
  15. We get another 20 plus goal striker for next season and hey oh vardy sits warming the bench at arsenal. That's how it works that's football.as we have said before,only put your trust in the fans,they will always be here.....footballers come and go. Any one remember cambiasso