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  1. i think if you look at their offer, it says 6 annual payments,,ie payment over six years
  2. probably a more stupid question but who the fcuk is he
  3. two things first the bad news poor shop window team full of has beens and never will be's good news is we didnt lose too much on gate receipts
  4. he can and will if given game time
  5. Assists only count when the receiving player scores. He could put Barnes and Perez through balls all game and get no assist what so ever. Doesnt make him a bad player
  6. you are assuming he will be playing left back
  7. yes thats why we are going into the championship
  8. couldnt we get loftus-cheek in part exchange. would be a very good player to have
  9. mistakes lose games get rid he is not prem quality and never will be
  10. what like we learnt alot from Bournmouth
  11. he needs a three year contract just to be able to play 20 games
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