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  1. Willsan1

    Ryan Loft

    ‘Eaves it out, some of these posts are getting good. There’s (sky) light at the end of the tunnel, certainly.
  2. Willsan1

    Riyad finally gone

    We’ad Mahrez
  3. Willsan1

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    He was here until a few weeks back...
  4. Willsan1

    LCFC puns

    Benny Don’t Be Hasty Are You Gonna Be Ma Guire
  5. Willsan1

    LCFC puns

    Morgan a Woman is genius
  6. Willsan1

    LCFC puns

    It hasn't been the unparalleled success that I envisaged. How do you delete a thread, then? (asking for a friend)
  7. Willsan1

    LCFC puns

    Wookie error
  8. Willsan1

    LCFC puns

    Finding myself a leeetle bit drunk after work, I brainstormed the below list of terrible FPL team names / user names / miscellaneous cringe-fest. All are LCFC-related, some may be subconsciously inspired by you lot (sorry!). Sharing for amusement, feedback and - crucially - advances. Do your worst, folks. Maddison Bleu Multiple Morgan Failure Morgan Donation Evans is a dancer JEvans is a Place on Earth The (Mag)Wire AllBrightLong (All Night) Do the Ndidi (Set) Pieces of Silva Silva Service Every Silva Claude EverySilvaClaudeHasALino House of Vards Thomas Vardy thriller Chilli(well) & Nachos BarnesStorming Claude of the Fliers Claude it Back Claude’s Prayer Puel Table Drugs Puel Silva Fox Sim’n’Puel (Drank) Slim Slima’ni Slim Slima’ni GlassHamer Type 2 Diabete Iborra Urpantsoff Fuchs King Clarss(en) Nursing a Demi Gray’s Anatomy Gray > Mata Fifty Shades Of Gray OkaFace (Disclaimer: it’s been a long summer already)
  9. After a couple of tickets for the Brighton game if poss. Anyone selling, please dm me. Cheers
  10. Willsan1

    Brighton - 19th August

    If anyone has a couple (or 3) going spare, please could you dm me?