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  1. Presumably the place you will buy will have also risen by a similar sum.
  2. If we finish 4th and Chelsea finish 5th and win this year's CL does that mean we don't qualify?
  3. I was meaning the likes of London and Country, Habito etc.
  4. Does anyone have any experience of online fee free brokers. Do they they have any delay more than usual and or downsides?
  5. Maybe people who organise and attend party's / gatherings and break the law of which we all have to abide by, will wake up when they personally know someone who has died from Covid.
  6. Comprehensive response thank you.
  7. Fingers crossed for you. Can I ask did you have to keep reapplying for your mortgage in principle? If so have you done this with the same lender?
  8. I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat. Taking into consideration your response I would suspect that a great deal of houses don't end up being advertised on the net.
  9. I have seen properties come up on right move, added the same day, but then they say sold almost straight away, what's going on here, is someone is trying to pull a fast one? It's annoying when looking at a prospective purchase, like on bullseye, look what you could have won.
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