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  1. mhewitt3

    Callum Wright signs from Blackburn

    Watched the U23 game v Chelsea last night. He played about 70 mins and looked pretty good. Quite lightweight as you would expect for his age and playing against mainly older players but had a great touch and showed really good vision at times. Time will tell but promising start.
  2. mhewitt3

    Charlton Post-match

    There was a positive at the start of the game. I went to the match with the main sponsors with my little boy. Managed to get him in their Directors box wearing his full (away) kit and we went on to the centre circle at kick off to have our photo taken with the ref etc. His Leicester shirt will now be in their next programme and all promotional material for the next game. Didn’t go down too well with the Charlton supporters as we were waiting to go on which made it even better ha ha. Thank you to those of you who clapped him as we walked off. Even funnier after the match as he had his photo taken with Bradley Wright-Phillips as he was handed his man of the match champagne. Not sure it was a popular choice, particularly with Jim Davidson who was in the box with us (though to his credit he had played football with my little boy earlier in the evening). Also got to meet Waghorn, King and Danns too as we waited to go on the pitch. King was brilliant with my boy and Waghorn shook my hand and had a brief chat. Really great blokes.
  3. mhewitt3

    Anthony Ampaipitakwong

    Listed as our player on Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leicester_City_F.C. Any ideas?
  4. mhewitt3

    Weale back to Yeovil?

    Marton Fulop's contract with West Brom is due to expire this summer
  5. mhewitt3

    Summer 2012 Transfer Wish List

    Marton Fulop's contract with West Brom is due to expire this summer.
  6. Brian Howard has been released by Reading. Used to be a good player but not seen much of him recently http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17926404
  7. mhewitt3

    Portsmouth away pre-match confabulation

    I'm a Hampshire Fox too. Going down there from Alton on Sat with my Pompey supporting mate and his kid. It will be my 3 1/2 year old boys first Foxes game. Pray we get a win as this will be a game he will always remember (being his first). He is probably a bit young but it is as much for me as it is him as I don't get up to the KP much these days.