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  1. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Any idea roughly how many will be there?
  2. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Pressure going to be on tomorrow. 4 goals 3 from a player who wants to leave
  3. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Does anyone still think that sigurdsson at £50 million is still too expensive? The most creative player after Mharez is Grey (he played tonight remember)
  4. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    If Mharez goes we will be relying too much on grey for the creativity (which he hasnt got enough off) and when that doesn't work it's going to be balls over the top to Vardy again which won't work now. (As much) we need to be playing grey for being direct and getting in a good creative player
  5. 4-4-2 or 3-5-2?

    Based on us not buying anyone else Maguire. huth/Morgan. chilwell Iborra grey Ndidi. DD. Albrighton Slim vardy
  6. Expand the stadium? The poll

    It would probably mean bringing it round both corners a little (Kop and family) and we wouldn't sell out 42,000 for a "normal" league game probably looking at 36,000
  7. Expand the stadium? The poll

    It would probably mean bringing it round both corners a little (Kop and family)
  8. Expand the stadium? The poll

    ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱🤥🤥🤥
  9. Realistic?

  10. Expand the stadium? The poll

    4 pages to go
  11. Really!!??

    http://www.itsroundanditswhite.co.uk/2017/06/12/being-sentimental-will-be-the-downfall-of-leicester-city/ Being sentimental will be the downfall of Leicester City Posted by: Kristian Webb June 12, 2017 in Managerial News, Premier League, Slider ArticlesComments Offon Being sentimental will be the downfall of Leicester City News broke last week that Leicester City has appointed Craig Shakespeare as their full-time manager after an impressive spell as caretaker boss between the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri and the end of last season. While this seems like a good move for the club, their inane sentimentality could cause problems in the long run – no matter how long Shakespeare is in charge. How, you may be asking, will Shakespeare’s full-time appointment cause any problems at the club given their Premier League survival under the rookie manager? Perhaps taking the risk on a lesser known leader will work in their favour as it has for many clubs in the past! Sadly, that is unlikely to be the case for the one-time Premier League champions as retaining Shakespeare stinks of a club who are desperate to maintain some semblance of status quo. The club’s owners have had a taste of success with Ranieri and will no doubt be hungry for more but this is simply the beginning of the club’s downfall – another stint in the Championship beckons this time next year. Why? Wholly because the club is so unwilling to change anything from their previous winning formula. The signings Ranieri made in the summer of 2016 went on to make virtually no impact on Leicester City’s matchday squads throughout the season, save for Nampalys Mendy who replaced the departed N’Golo Kante, and this showed a complete unwillingness to change – something the club clearly intend to continue with. Riyad Mahrez has handed in his transfer request and is very unlikely to be a Leicester City player next season. The rest of the squad will no doubt turn out in exactly the same fashion next season thanks to pig-headed, ignorant sentimentality. Should Kasper Schmeichel remain, he will continue as the club’s number one and you can expect to see a back four of Simpson, Morgan, Huth and Fuchs to play in front of him come the start of the 17/18 season. Ahead of them you’ll definitely see four of Mendy, Ndidi, Drinkwater, Gray, Albrighton and whatever right midfielder the club signs in the summer window because Shakespeare doesn’t have ideas of his own. He learned his managerial trade at Leicester, for the most part, and is very unlikely to change anything from what the club already knows and does. Up top, Shakespeare will inevitably stick with the declining Jamie Vardy as his talisman despite the superior performances of Slimani and Okazaki in most of Leicester’s games last season because of pressure from fans and the board needing to justify his large wages – why the club didn’t sell him when Arsenal was eager to buy is beyond me. Clearly, Leicester isn’t interested in revolution, evolution or any kind of change. This is a sign that the club is in decline and, if anything, it shows they are accepting this fate. Some very experienced, proven managers would’ve been tempted by the job role but the Foxes aren’t for turning it would seem. Embracing change got them into the Premier League, sticking with change won them the Premier League, refusing to change will see them relegated from the Premier League.
  12. Lcfc plane tracking topic

  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    It seems we have more money then Liverpool, but less then stoke!! http://www.90min.com/posts/3964489-ranking-the-owners-of-every-premier-league-team-according-to-their-total-net-worth
  14. So according to our friends on SSN the club are in discussions about an extension
  15. So sky is reporting that Everton will hold out for £50m for Ross Barkley if he decides not to sign a new contract. I personally think Riyhad is just as good if not better then Barkley. So even though he's had an "on off" season It would think the club will want a similar amount if he goes.