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  1. You lot just sit in the stands nowdays with your happy clappers. Most of you are just glory hunters.
  2. wys was awesome in the late 70s early 80s when done properly by the spion kop. It was Leicester's chant, bring it back and do it right.
  3. Those were the days my friend, milton arms pompy. Naughty naughty.?
  4. Used to love the football specials that british rail ran. Remember the Ipswich one well, stopping at cricklewood on the way home in order for the police to cart some norty boys off ?.
  5. Simon Jordans a tit, wolves are not a big club. They have done well this season but so did Huddersfield last season. For me Leicester have the better overall potential to break into the top six within the very near future. Villa in terms of my era were always the biggest midlands club, with forest & Derby doing great things under cloughie.
  6. Had to be sacked when you consider it is a results driven business but got to say most of our players are average at best.
  7. The squad is not good enough some of youngsters have promise but it will take time which we wont have certainly in the premiership unless we sign some decent senior players soon.
  8. Really can not stand Wolves ( goes back years since I went to an away midweek game at theirs on midland red). Anyways just like us to go and beat Wolvesalona.
  9. We've signed so many recently for silly money, Tommy english was garbage but wow the money spent on recent flops is crazy.
  10. Get Barnes back and send Kelechi to WBA.
  11. That result is a real low for Leicester city and will live on for many years as an embarrassment to our club and supporters long after the players and manager have departed the club. I was there as a teenager when we lost to Harlow in the FA cup but Leicester of today are a far better established top flight club. The loss is bad enough but the performance was a total embarrassment for anyone contacted with our club, I wish I could stop supporting this club but I am born and bred Leicester and it hurts.
  12. Doesn't matter if your Puel in or out, the performance against a league 2 side is embarrassing. The players should be ashamed of themselves. Far too many out there today are not good enough.
  13. Shows the lack of quality in our squad. Don't get me wrong FA cup etc was always going to be difficult but we have some poor players.
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