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  1. Not sure about this but feel sure that I have read somewhere that the top 7 clubs in premier league are not being entered into the League cup due to Europe commitments.
  2. They emailed this out to fans in March, saying what you posted. As you say until we get an update it is a sit and wait situation. Sorry link did not work but the post above shows the full email.
  3. Tommy English and Archie Gemill
  4. Steve Foster, Andy Dibble and Brian Stein
  5. Nicky Walker is right think the other one is Peter Welsh
  6. Yorkshire furlough players and coaches, will be interesting to see how other counties react, surely most will follow suit.
  7. This lad needs to be starting to put that kind of performance in with the amount of games he has played is amazing. Admittingly Villa were s**t but got forward and was solid at the back. Would like to see him Saturday against Sarr & co and see how he gets on, definitely got a big future with us. Good bit of business in the summer and for a snip as well.
  8. smitha

    Adam Lallana

    Surely the club recognise his injury situation over the past few years, he might have a couple of injury free seasons if he is lucky, his recent history suggests probibly not. Would be surprised if the club did not base some of his salary on appearances or have some sort of insurance, think any club interested would do the same with his recent history.
  9. I think all clubs do it to be fair. Often seen empty seats at a majority of grounds and the attendance is always shows the capacity or near to.
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