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  1. Quite like Deardon had a good spell at the start of the season hopefully he will come good. Evans is worth a shout give him a good run of games to see how he does.
  2. Fair play to Pakistan decent chase even if the kiwis haven't bowled anything like they can, pressure really on England now.
  3. Agree, teams have struggled to chase any total recently 237 gives them a real chance.
  4. Azad passes 50 again looks to be a real find and opening batsman as well, if only we could find another couple of gems for the batting lineup like him.
  5. Just shows what happens when you bowl the ball in the right areas, England seem obsessed with the short ball, have done for years. Never seen to learn there lesson either Pakistan seem in the adsedancy England seem to be declining at the minute.
  6. We have got our England back just cannot handle the pressure.
  7. Vince is a good county cricketer but nowhere near international level. Root gone now in big trouble seems we have forgotten how to bat in the last 2 games
  8. 100% as you say love the guy but he should just retire, had a good record over the years could ruin his reputation if he carries on.
  9. You cannot make it up how bad our defending had been, shocking really at this level.
  10. He is still sh*t, must have miss hit it
  11. Joke defending yet again, must be so frustrating to play in this side.
  12. Madders, Gray and Abraham coming out for second half laughing and joking go on lads tell him how exciting it is at the KP
  13. Played Kenny brilliant right back play let him cut inside rather than show him down the line.
  14. Been impressed by Abraham over the past couple of games, haven't always been that sure about him. If Chelsea feel he is surplus to requirements then he might be worth a punt.
  15. How kenny gets in the side is beyond me, no attacking intent and cannot defend, that said the whole back 4 are hopeless.
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