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  1. Top notch tonight, give little Wes a break give him chance to recover, great to have the centre backs we have.
  2. Haven't beat these at home since the year we won the league, that needs to change hopefully this year.
  3. A lot of pitches look heavy at the moment, Leeds today was the same just the amount of rain, same for both sides our passing today just wasn't sharp enough especially first half.
  4. 18 month deal according to sky does not mention loan, think it is permanent. Shame really had high hopes when he first joined.
  5. Correct, whether you agree or not that's the way they look at it at present, cannot see it changing either.
  6. Yep have to agree a bit ironic that that point they got last season from the Sheffield United game with the goal that wasn't given kept them up. The two sides have gone in opposite directions, what a difference in both sides.
  7. Doesn't Seagrave have rooms for sleeping over, as some player's live a distance from the Leicester area it probably wasn't viable to train at Belvoir drive? Just guessing.
  8. To think that some questioned the signing after the first few appearances. Top defender who will help the younger ones to improve and all for 3 million quid great work by the club, says it all that some of the bigger clubs were interested in signing him, on to Youri and Riccy.
  9. Liverpool going into tier 3, no fans at any premier League ground now.
  10. It's not his ACL injury keeping him out, he has done his groin over stretching in the Zoya game so why are we comparing it to Owen?
  11. I thought we created quite a lot in the first half and should have been a couple up if the striker is on form, that is the trouble when replacing Vardy the guy has hardly played in the last month or so his touch wasn't really off. That team had enough to win the game just wasn't clinical enough when we were on top which is an ongoing issue.
  12. I think Brendan would have kept the same side against a bigger team such as Chelsea, some really stepped up to the plate Big Dan was excellent as was Mendy & Thomas. Although it is disappointing we will see the benefit in a couple of weeks time when we have Southampton, Chelsea and Everton. Cannot believe some on here an excellent first half and but for an out of form striker would be a couple in front, it happens to the best even Liverpool yesterday so a bit of perspective is needed. We will have the big guns back for Newcastle so onwards and upwards, not sure why Gray got
  13. Not his best game but still got an assist, need a way to get him involved in home games more.
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