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  1. smitha

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Best day of my life, will stay with me forever. Still brings a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye, magic.
  2. smitha

    Barnes coming back

    Was thinking this myself at the time, does him no favours at all
  3. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Clive Goodyear
  4. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Edited now bloody spelling thing on phone
  5. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    jespa Olsen Ian Banks
  6. smitha

    first city game

    The first I can remember was Orient away last game of the season 1979-80 when Larry May scored and we won the old second division. 10,000 plus city fans and total mayhem at final whistle. Went before this but just a blur as no phones, social media or SSN to repeat it 100's of times
  7. smitha

    RIP Former Fox Mick Kennedy.

    Only 57 , underated player who was good in the tackle, so sad RIP Mick
  8. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Osman & Butcher
  9. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Peter Osgood?
  10. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Paul Marriner