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  1. Expected more of a response from United in the second half, both Arsenal and United struggling early doors. If Liverpool stutter then it is going to be a walk in the park for Man City.
  2. The difference between the 2 teams in Manchester is massive in everyway a football club is run from top to bottom.
  3. smitha

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Yellow cards will only count in the competition that they are given, red cards count across all competitions so Fleetwood should be one of the games Vardy misses.
  4. smitha

    Thanks Wes.

    Evans was a bit rusty at the start but grew into the game, will be fine when up to full fitness. Can we give players a chance before writing them off, look at Mendy I know it is only 1 game but looked excellent yesterday.
  5. smitha

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Waste of time IMO as the FA don't usually overturn these decisions, I agree he won the ball but it is the follow through. You cannot tackle like this in todays game, a few years he would have got away with it. Looking forward to seeing Grey, Maddison and Ian play looked good in pre-season.
  6. smitha

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Number 5 mine is naf as well!!!!!
  7. smitha

    Name this Leicester team

    Andy Peake, Kevin MacDonald, Gary Lineker, Stewart Hamill?
  8. smitha

    Cardiff Vs Leicester

    The Rugby could also move they sometimes have the games on Friday nights, Saturday or Sunday. Being in Wales though they Will probably move the football!!!😠
  9. Was not aware that the time had changed, but any game has the potential to be moved before tickets are released.
  10. smitha

    What number is Maddison?

    He has been wearing 8 at all the pre-season games, everyone else has worn the numbers that they normally wear, just a a guess really, should announce it soon!!!! Forgot about Nacho thought James wore 8
  11. On sale at Birmingham airport JD sports in departures for £45.83, if anyone flying out from there and want a shirt they have both home and away but limited in sizes none above XL.
  12. smitha

    Maddison Set Pieces...

    This 100%
  13. Eurostar for me, direct to Lille from St Pancras, going Friday till Sunday.