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  1. Fofana back training on Monday and looks like Dennis will start training on 8th March, probably a couple weeks after that before match selection. Feel Madders will be around this time too. Just got to try and get a few results until we get everyone back.
  2. Normally there is always 1 player who stands out when we have a performance like that, today I couldn't pick out 1 player who played well. Just hope it is a one off, need to ensure that madders is right before we play him again. Played him at Everton last year which put him out for the season and started the slump. Hopefully we will learn from last season and have a reaction and kick on.
  3. Write him off at your peril, we have been here before and he always comes good, still has a massive impact on how we play and helps create space for others because teams are so scared of him.
  4. Great understanding with Barnes as well they link up so well.
  5. Fair play to the kid thought he might struggle today but he was outstanding what full backs we have at the club MOTM for me.
  6. The amount of times I have posted on here and when I have looked at the post found it has changed words, I'm sure it changes words to wind me up
  7. Definite signs he is getting back, one run by the touchline was like Ricky at his peak. Really good to see a few more games get confidence in his knee and he will be up to full speed Get Timmy back and it will soften the blow of JJ, got to say that Brendan has managed the squad brilliantly.
  8. Klopp needs to take a few lessons on how to conduct an interview from Madders. Very intelligent in how he sees and reads the game and speaks so well, great stuff
  9. Thought he had a good game, excellent tackle on adama at the end. Think he has adapted his game as before he was a walking red card. Think he should get a bit of credit, not a starter but definitely a decent squad player. Again with some of our players the stick he gets on here is incredible.
  10. Yep think it did, cannot really believe we haven't beat these ar home since then!!!!
  11. If it was the 4-2 at home game, it was played on a real mud bath of a pitch, Iwan Roberts, Mike Whitlow were among the goals, 27 years jeez about time we put that right.
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