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  1. Gary Bannister,. ? Steve Williams
  2. Ian McFarlane, Jock Wallace, Mark Wallington, Kevin MacDonald
  3. Bobby Smith Geoff Scott, Peter Welch, Andy Peake, Ian Wilson, Larry May, Stewart Hamill, Billy Gibson, Tommy Williams, John O'Neill
  4. Tonight's match abandoned, inevitable really another point in the bag, looks like most of the other games are off as well.
  5. Look well short, disappointing because they had a real opportunity. Poor shot selection again.
  6. Send them a bill for the rescue, really can't get my head around some people, not so much as a thank you absolute scumbags.
  7. He openly admitted that he didn't have the best game and did not hide behind excuses. Still early days but he is trying to build a rapport with the the fans and his posts on twitter can only endear him to the fans, he is open and honest and I like that, to be honest the way we set up both Perez and Vardy struggled to get into the game. Once we have a couple of games behind us I'm positive he will come good. As previous posts he looked excellent preseason as the whole team did, give it time before we start slagging players off.
  8. For me the decision didn't seem to take that long, but it was the time it was taken to actually review the decision although I understand all goals are checked. Once they scored they had a celebration in front of the family stand, walked back to there half, placed the ball on the centre spot and about to kick off when it came up on the scoreboard. That for me was too long. Also at the Man It's game they gave the result of the decision over the PA system as well as the screens, didn't here anything at the KP or did I miss it ? Is it down to the individual club?
  9. Thought he had a great game sold himself a couple of times but overall was solid. Two shoulder barges too knock him off the ball and twice he came away with it, think he will get better & better as the season goes on. Evans looked good as well 3 million is daylight robbery in this market.
  10. smitha

    Insect Bites

    Horse fly bites are a nightmare for me, seem to have some sort of allergic reaction and a trip to the doctors for a course of fluxocillan, once one bite got infected which led to cellulitis and 3 days in hospital so can sympathize with those who get bitten. Used to take some sort of antihistamine but wasn't really successful, eating marmite is another tip i've been given, not sure it works but luckily I like marmite.
  11. Great signing, a very underated keeper, for 8 million a bargain in todays market.
  12. No result, 1 point not quite sure whether we would have won that, take the point though.
  13. Having a bit of a clear out and have come across the posters that came with the match day programme. They go back to the title winning season 15/16 up to last season, think most of them are there and include special champions League team photo etc. Getting a bit old to put them on my bedroom wall but if anyone has a son/daughter or a young at heart adult wants them then just get in touch. Don't want anything for them, but rather than chuck them out I'll ask if anyone wants them.
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