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  1. Normally the club are quite secretative about things like this, something does not seem quite right not sure I would do the photo shoot on viccy park, maybe they are casting for new models for fox & crop, Matty James days could be numbered
  2. Credit where credit is due, although it was closer than it should be it was an excellent win, now the big question is can they follow this with another performance and the senior players stand up again. Well done brilliant entertainment over 700 runs and 14 odd wickets COYF
  3. Perhaps us fans should use the hashtag "enough"
  4. A real sad state of affairs at Grace Road, as a kid in the 80's I remember going down to watch players such as Gower, Willey, Roberts, Agnew, Taylor, Boon and then in the 90's players such as Maddy, Smith, Habib, Simmons, Benjamin, Ormond. Championship winners on two occasions and a decent if not great support. Over the years there has been a steady decline with the T20 offering a brief glimpse of something positive. I really don't know where the county go from here, they have tried to encourage new support but the fan base just does not seem to be there. Finances just don't seem to be there to attract players they so desperately need, at the moment they seem to have a mixture of average players at best with a mix of youth. Time and time again the senior players fail to step up on a regular basis and the one day cricket has turned into something of a joke. Really feel for Nico because his hands are tied and when the young players flourish thet are just poached by other counties, unfortunately I cannot see an end which is sad because i have had many good days and lots of memories, hopefully they can turn it around but they do need some financial support.
  5. smitha

    Notre Dame

    Very hard to look at, only visited last year, if it is due to renovation work then the contractors will face a hefty bill !!!!, not that money can replace years of history.
  6. Dave Bennett and Tommy Williams
  7. Andy King not the legendary LCFC Andy King of course
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