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  1. Anybody else got kids that are collecting these, started to get a few swaps so if anyone is up for swapping then post on here should help to keep the cost down! 70p for a pack of 5!!! it was 10p in my day.
  2. No way England never used him properly when he was available for selection, should be just happy to be playing in the England side was the response from Hodgson. The way England treated Vardy was a disgrace, looks happier and cannot see him going back, which is great for us.
  3. Think it is pre-season this year, tight schedule with no extensions.
  4. Agree, I think Rodgers learnt a lot tonight, Hamza will start on Saturday. Tielemens will bounce back.
  5. Shows how important Wilf is to us, let's the creative players do there stuff and cuts out danger, going to be a big miss, time for Hamza to get a run.
  6. Definitely, went for a few days after Christmas as you say a stunning place. Loads to do and a good transport system and all reasonably priced. Booked hotel before I left but not through Airbnb, local currency is the huff (Hungarian Florent) but loads of places except the euro but they will give you change in Huff's. Would recommend a trip down the Danube, the hop on hop off bus was also good value and stops at places of interest. The Christmas markets where excellent and really picturesque but October might be a bit early for that, climate is very similar to the UK. The toilet situation is different to the UK, at McDonald's you need to show the reseipt otherwise you will be charged, many of the attractions charge for using the toilet, coffee shops give you a code to use on the toilet door lock. Loads of restaurants, pubs and shops with traditional local and British high street brands. We went to 4 days but would have liked longer, about 40 minutes on bus 100E from airport at a cost of 900 huff (roughly £2.50) drops you at the centre of Budapest. English is widely spoken and had no issues during our visit, will definitely go back had a great time.
  7. Lineker, Edmunds, O'Neill, Scott & Wallace
  8. Jim Melrose, Everton Carr, Bobby Smith & Ian Wilson
  9. Late to the party do might be already answered, Dave Buchanan, Mark Goodwin, Peter Welsh, Kevin MacDonald & Gregor Stevens
  10. Abbas signs for Notts, haven't heard that before a county player signing for Notts
  11. He was definitely taking the pi**, this Coleen thing could be the best thing to happen to him
  12. The last two games Andre Marriner has refereed there has been 19 goals scored, and 9 penalties!!
  13. The ref who has just given that penalty is in charge of are game Sunday, hope Zaha doesn't start throwing himself to the ground!!!!
  14. Managed to get down today, got to say that the pictures posted don't really do it justice, it is beautiful and brilliantly designed. Got to stay for about 30 to 40 minutes giving me time to take a slow walk around, certainly made me well up. Also nice that they dedicated a part to the four others. Once it matures it will look even more stunning. Reading on here that they thought that there was some poor workmanship but for me it was perfect, possibly the rain had caught some of the brickwork but overall it was top notch. The amount of work gone into it is incredible and being in the construction industry to get it completed in the time span is a fantastic effort Would recommend anyone who can get down then do so, try to give yourself a bit of time so you can take it all in. Well done to all involved and with everything that the club does it really is top notch.
  15. Feel sure the season before we got promoted Drinky & Vardy got a bit of stick, remember Drinky cupping his ears at Middlesbrough and Nigel talking Vardy out of quitting after 1 season (thank god). But as you say all clubs have them especially when you are on a bad run. Generally speaking though if they have given their all we are good at welcoming back former players as well
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