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  1. Hopefully when he retires there will be something for him at Leicester City, other than that perhaps he can join Peter Crouch as a double act
  2. Continual missed chances shows why they haven't scored in last 3 premier games
  3. At least it will Villa who get thrashed by Man City.What bothers me is they look as though they will qualify for the Champions League but if they don't improve on their current form then they are not going to do very well
  4. Not only Arsenal fans want their club to get Brendan Rodgers but on TalkSport this morning some Manchester United fans have said their board should go out and get him at all costs Along with half our team it appears everyone wants everything we have got. When will it end?
  5. Would assume as with Championship games midweek on Sky and Champion League games on BT you will be able to pick your game via the red button. Don't know if this will happen or not, but I am with Virgin Media and have been told as long as I subscribe to Prime I will be able to watch the games through them although they did not say how, will wait and see before subscribing However I understand it's only £9 to £10 pounds for the month
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