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  1. Mine was a 2-2 drawer at Elland Road when I was 9 as from Leeds. Larry May and Alan Smith.
  2. My daughter is 11. Supposed to be having a 1 on 1 day and the plan was mountain biking, but due to storms asked her if she fancied going to her first football match. Couldn't get tickets as Leicester sold out. Got home tickets in the family stand on the understanding that even if we do score have to stay quiet! So we drove up from South Devon It was a brilliant experience yet at the same time surreal and a true test of holding in our emotions. Her reaction - "Daddy, that was EPIC!"
  3. I went to the EPIC record breaking and equalling match last night. Took my daughter for her first game, drove up from Devon. SSSHHH, but in Southampton family stand trying to be quiet as couldn't get Leicester tickets. Some home fans around us started leaving at 2-0!!!!
  4. That's exactly my point, maybe I should have put a question mark at the end of the title!
  5. My point is that people have been talking about his youth focus for ages now. I believe (my opinion that is) that we have 3 young players who all made their professional debut before puel was at the club, it is therefore hoped that one day they may become regular first team players. Of these players you would say that one is a regular first team player in chilwell. 2 good signings that are regulars, one of whom is 24/25 so not that young. the rest were already in the team and squad, so I just wonder where this image of youth focus comes from.
  6. I won't apologise, I have struggled with this perception for ages. Chilwell - regular in first team squad, yes puel gave him more game time - well done to puel Barnes - loaned out, but impressed so much at wba and we have such limited attacking options he had to bring him back(well done to puel, but slightly sarcastic) Choudhury - should have possibly played more Ndidi - been in squad for 2 years as per mendy Gray - same old (or young) Gray, been in and out of team since he's been here, no change there Ricardo - good signing Madison - one of the best players outside of premier League when we bought him for a lot of money. So in short he's played chilwell (which we all expected), given Choudhary a few games and has brought Barnes back - coincidentally 1 point since he came back, not his fault. He's bought some young players of whom you'd say Ricardo and Madison are 2 you would say are good signings. The rest either not so good signings that they aren't getting game time or not impressing and the rest were already here playing and haven't really improved. So again, what puel youth revolution?
  7. The above also brings me to the Puel youth revolution! Barnes & Choudhary already here and had been expected to push for the first team. Barnes only featuring because he did so well at West Brom that Puel could not ignore him. Chilwell was already expected to take over from Fuchs, so really, is this a Puel youth revolution or just an expected change of personnel.
  8. No apologies, but I am furious! It's as if king Claude's game plan worked to perfection. Start with no striker, have 3 on the bench and bring them all on. I said privately at the start of the season that we would struggle to score goals and this has been the case. By all means change the way we are playing, by all means bring in the youth, however if you cannot score enough goals, more likely than not you will get beaten. You play to your strengths until you have another option in your kit bag, we do not have another option at this time. A striker who can score goals should be played to. There is no continuity in team selection or set up. Yes, we played well and I am not furious about the performance, what i am furious about is our managers bizarre tactics and his constant changing of the team, how we are going to create any cohesiveness is beyond me. Despite the "great performance" who would bet against there being at least 2 changes for the starting line up against palace!
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