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  1. Science Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 107 seconds  
  2. World Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  3. Man City (A) post Match thread 1 - 3

    Liked the commentator's remark that Barcelona and Real Madrid need to start looking up flight times to East Midlands!
  4. Man City (A) post Match thread 1 - 3

    Robert Huth to score first and #LCFC to win 3-1 was 1000/1, our traders have confirmed ONE customer had £10 (Yes TEN) on it!!
  5. Betting Thread

    Bury v Crewe Doncaster v Port Vale Orient v Newport Morecambe v Mansfield Forest v QPR Peterborough v Burton BTTS £2 returns £51
  6. Betting Thread

    Bury Doncaster Orient Forest Peterborough Potential Return: £47.37
  7. Read Frank Worthington's electric meter Shook hands with Gordon Banks when he had some connection to Swithland motors Drove Bjorn Ulvaeus and his 2nd. wife to/from Henley regatta when working for a Swedish millionaire as Gardener/Chauffeur. Invited me in for a drink; Drove Dennis Taylor to/ from dinner with another employer in Jersey; smashing bloke; picked him up at hotel, introduced himself as Dennis and sat in the front of the car; very chatty. Used to work for the first husband of that woman who was the first to win "millionaire" - Judith Keppel? Been given a lift by Derek Warwick along Jersey's back lanes at an obscene speed Lenny Glover came to give a couple of coaching sessions when I played for Wadkin in the City League 30 years ago, nearly killed Romeo Challenger when he ran in front of my car in Lea Circle - my braking reaction was a bit quicker in those days! Stood on the corner of Charles st, about 1960 to wave as Princess Margaret drove by - she never waved back! My wife spilled soup down Terence Conran's trousers Had a piss next to John Greig (Rangers & Scotland) in a Jersey restaurant & next to Bob Wilson at Wembley Held a shop door open for Kenny Lynch - and yes, he did say "Thank You" Sat next to Sky weatherman, Francis Wilson on a plane
  8. Betting Thread

  9. Betting Thread

    Had City 4-0 Kramaric anytime @ 40/1 - close but no cigar Had City 4-0 Ulloa anytime @ 40/1 Watford not scoring cost me a 100/1 BTTS acca. - gutted
  10. Sky Sports Super 6 2015-2016

    Thanks for setting it up, Adam. I'm in.
  11. Favourite Leicester players through the years

    Gordon Banks Derek Dougan Davie Gibson Steve Walsh Keith Weller Gary Lineker Matt Elliot Graham Cross Ian Wilson Dion Dublin
  12. Sky Sports Super 6 2015-2016

    Sunderland 2 Norwich 0 Swansea 3 Newcastle 1 Spurs 2 Stoke 2 Watford 1 WBA 1 WHU 2 Leicester 2 Middlesbrough 3 Bolton 0 Same golden goal time every week, 13th minute (missed Vardy's 11th minute by 2 last week) 9 points last week - rubbish
  13. Leicester City Vs Sunderland Match Thread

    Should have been 6, Ranieri out!
  14. She can't spell either; nobody's?