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  1. It has all gone wrong since I had a bet we would qualify for the Champions' League with the PE teacher. (21)
  2. Sky have tried to change football fans, and for the most part, failed. Fans do not want to watch what a TV executive decides is the weekend's big game, they want to watch their own team. At the moment, the black market provides a service which legitimate providers do not. The legitimate providers are missing a massive trick if they don't start to provide what the people want.
  3. Perfect timing to watch this weekend's shenanigans at Phillip Island though.
  4. I don't think we have settled down yet and I think we will improve as the season goes on. It is a big ask to win the league but never say never!
  5. Remember when he won the mascot race on Soccer AM and the next game he ran out of the tunnel, across the pitch and jumped into Pen One?
  6. Drink? I thought it was a Canadian moose.
  7. Thrash metal is a bit generous! :p But...is the Sheffield United player with his arm hanging off the drummer!
  8. I think I understand where they are coming from. When Leicester were promoted back to the top flight after our decade absence, I expected some respect to remain from the O'Neill years and our top ten finishes and cup successes. This wasn't the case. Football fans are very tunnel visioned when it comes to their club, and hardly any PL fans had took any notice of what Leicester were doing while outside the top flight. Instead, you hear the cliches about physical Championship football (which I think SU displayed tbh), long ball and injuries to small squads over the winter months. I remember it being pretty infuriating. I also think they have a point about how 'Billy Big-Bollocks' some of our fans are. Our success in 2015-16 is unprecedented in our history, and thinking we have some divine right for this to continue and thinking our PL status is secure is pretty delusional. Although I think we are stable in the PL for a good few seasons to come, I also expect to see us back in the Championship at some point too. In the same way that Leeds and Blackburn could not turn winning the league into becoming top-flight regulars in the long-term. But back to the point. No-one shows respect to newly promoted sides in the PL. The respect has to be earned. And while I understand their frustration that their view of their club is not shared by the wider world, at the end of the day they have to suck it up and prove they deserve better. One irritation at their comments. How can one criticise Leicester on the one hand for embracing the new, ie, clappers, and in the next breath criticise Leicester for still chanting, 'you're shit - ahh', in other words, the chants we have done for donkey's years? Make your mind up!
  9. Regardess of the size of Soyuncu's trouser snake, we missed McGuire today.
  10. Did people miss that Sheffield United put on a centre forward as we put on Big Wes? It was old fashioned tactics in an old fashioned stadium with an old fashioned, blood and thunder atmosphere. If anything, it shows Brendon Roger's flexibility.
  11. I've watched most of it (stream allowing) and I have seen a side with physicality and fight push a much better quality side back. Leicester had a lot of success with this approach before we became rich. They also got a point at Bournemouth and beat Palace at Bramall Lane. I don't think they are any mugs and we have done well if we win this.
  12. How do you know Sheffield United are poor? The remind me of a few recently promoted Leicester sides.
  13. I think it was predictable that Chelsea would start very well in Lampard's first home game as manager. They did, we could be goals down, but we are not. I think we are slowly pushing back the Chelsea dominance. 1-1 by half-time.
  14. Is there a cautionary tale in this? When we were promoted, a Stoke fan, somewhere online, said that they were nothing like Leicester, as they did not have to worry about relegation anymore. I remember getting pretty complacent when we were finishing in the top 10 with O'Neill. I could not see a situation where Leicester could blow all the achievement since Little was appointed back in 1991. We were an established Premier League time...weren't we?!?! With our current owners, I find it even harder to see us slipping down the leagues again. But...think back to when you first started watching football. I bet clubs, apart from a handful, are pretty much where they were back then. I've seen club which I always considered lower league, such as Swansea, Hull, Reading, Wigan, Notts County and Bolton, to name a few, all have periods in the top flight, and with some success too. Where will we be in 8 years time!
  15. Brian Swan. Lucky second name!! Good job he isn't from Cardiff.
  16. The thing is, even with computer analysis of the footage, there is no clear outcome either way with that goal, even today. Although it is fair to say we would not have gone on and scored the 4th in the aftermath!! ha ha. One thing which has always depressed me with football is the feeling that decisions go against Leicester which would not go against other clubs. With VAR, surely this will no longer be the case. Although, inevitably, at some point in the not too distant future, we will be on the wrong side of a VAR decision.
  17. Think back to all the times either Leicester or England have had the outcome of a game ruined due to a bad decision. Maradona's Hand of God David Speedie at Wembley And I can't think of any others off the top of my head, but I know there are many, many more. Could England have won the World Cup in 1986? Could Leicester have been founder members of the Premier League? if VAR means an short, uncomfortable wait, while an issue is resolved, then surely it has to be worth it to ensure outcomes are fair?
  18. VAR is going to get on our nerves rather than saving us at some point, but at least, if a goal stands, then it is scored fair and square. If it was handball, then they did not score.
  19. Bwahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa
  20. Based on the pre-season hype, I was expecting a far more gung-ho approach this season. It did worry me against a side so good at counter-attacking to be honest. Let's be patient and see what happens.
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