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  1. Below are 3 images from a Stadium tour of Old Filbert Street, think Jack Curtis used to do these tours once a week! Picture 1 is the machine that was linked to each turnstyle to produce the overall attendance!! It would have also helped if standing areas were reaching capacity from a safety point of view. Picture 2 was a very small boot room!! Picture 3 is Ian Andrews goalkeepers kit laid out ready for a matchday!!
  2. Does anyone have a contact email address for John Hutchinson? Just after hidden photos from inside the original Filbert Street
  3. Cant remember what the hospitality area was called that was attached to the main stand!! One match I had hospitality tickets and walked up the stairs where around 100 people were sitting having food before the game! There was a thin passage that went from this hospitality area, this was built directly over the players entrance! This passage was 50 feet long and took you right into the Directors Box Seating area!! Me and my friend sat in the Directors box right up until kick off, then we got kicked out and sent to our original seats in the main st
  4. We really need a central place where these photos can be uploaded to!! When you search Filbert St within google the same 50 or so photos appear every time! Rare photos like steps into stands and old changing rooms need to be cherished stored where those of us who need a Filbo fix can go and gander!
  5. The Boardroom was wood paneled and also doubled up as the Trophy Room, with penants from International friendlys etc
  6. Would be great if anyone had a picture of the entrance to the Double Decker and the steep steps up to the upper concorse!!!
  7. The Best Atmosphere at a Filbert Street Match was the Tony James Great Escape against Oxford United!! The great thing that the club decided to do to ramp the home advantage was to put home fans in the entire Kop!! Pen 1 .2.3 and 4! And Even the half of the east stand usually reserved for seated away fans was given to Leicester fans!! For the only match in Filbert Street history the Oxford Away fans (300 of them) were forced to sit in the far left of the upper DoubleDecker!! At the final whistle there was mutual applause between both sets of fans
  8. Best Vantage Points!! Double Decker!! I remember climimbing the high steps into the double decker and you could look over PEN 3 and PEN 4 to gage the atmosphere. The Double Decker as a child felt so steep and dangerous, almost like you could fall over the edge! The thing about sitting in the double decker was that you could here the home and away fans chanting underneath you but you had no visibility as to what was happening! North Stand My favorite part of the stadium was sitting behind the goal at Filbert St end, if you sat right behi
  9. There were plans for a Stadium expansion at Filbert St, one idea was to turn the pitch around so that the Double Decker would have ran across the length of the pitch! Does anyone have any of these illustrations?
  10. Was just wondering what the inside layout was of the old Filbert Street Main Stand? I can remember next to the changing rooms was the Board Room which also held all of the Trophys etc. The far Corner of the Main Stand where it joined the double decker had a very large unoccupied space! I remember walking around the ground one summer and in this area the players had actually parked their cars whilst preparing to get on the bus for an away friendly! Apparently there was a gymnasium but I have never seen pictures of this! I also remember
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