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  1. Chelsea didn’t on Saturday. It’s still all to play for
  2. Started unemployed with no badges, made my way to Salford in L2. 8 point top of the league with game in hand after around 20 games, I now can buy a win and haven’t won in 10 games. Anything I try doesn’t seem to change around our form. Not played many football managers so not the best haha
  3. They obviously aren’t very consistent with the refunds then, I got mine refunded 5 days after the trip was cancelled
  4. Yeah got a text saying they will refund within 28 days. I’m not going to rebook anywhere now, feel like most places will be put on the list next week anyway
  5. Booked my all inclusive to turkey for Sunday about 2 hours ago then this happens Anyone know how easy it is to get refunds from Jet2?
  6. Gold 3 and didn’t get a bundesliga player. And my guaranteed bundesliga player yesterday, I got the 88 rated CM
  7. Managed to get gold 3 with 2 games spare. Better than last week, but considering I was 11-3 not great
  8. 100% it’s just boring. Was 11-3 now 11-11. You can tell they impact the gameplay. Someone that only has 3 losses in 14, can’t then go on to lose the next 8.
  9. 11-3 earlier today, now 11-8. Feel some games the result is determined before. Some games my players feel amazing, the next they can’t pass it 5 yards
  10. I must be avoiding all the good teams, found this weekend much easier. Only got silver 1 last week, but am 6 wins 2 losses so far this week. I do have a much better team this week tbh.
  11. Guaranteed la liga pack... RW...Argentina...Ocampos
  12. Managed to scrape silver 1 on my first fut champs. Did not enjoy the experience at all
  13. Having a shocker on WL, I’m 2-4. Only got the game a month ago so everyone has ridiculous teams compared to mine. Is there any times where you seem to get easier games?
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