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  1. Maybe not lost the soul of the club, just more in terms of the way they have won the trophies. Obviously I’m jealous of their success, my point is the way they have won them may take some of the joy out of winning them
  2. Interested to know, would you want what has happened to Man City happen to Leicester in terms of just spending ridiculous amounts and ending up losing the soul of the club in return of trophies?
  3. There is enough supporters who sing in L1, UFS and the back of the Kop to make a decent sized singing section. But at the moment, people like me who want to stand every game can’t always do so because the seats behind are STHs, so often get told to sit down
  4. Isn’t this pretty much Palace’s exact chant for Townsend
  5. At least we’ve never gone down the route of Big Sam, Hughes, Pardew etc.
  6. Bring back big nige as interim
  7. How have you worked that out? Won’t even get top half this season
  8. Should be fine for 250+ points shouldn’t I?
  9. No but it’s also not challenging for any type of success such as a cup which Puel disregarded.
  10. I don’t get people saying we are building. We haven’t improved at his style of football in the last 18 months. Majority of our goals and points have come from counter attacking football. Yes Puel is bringing through young players, but removing all creativity and confidence they have
  11. It actually baffles me how people watch the game today yet still vote in? We haven’t improved at his possession style of football in the last 18 months. Create nothing and boring
  12. It was good enough, but it still gave a big risk of losing. You look at the players in the starting 11. Most of them low on confidence, haven’t played much this season or together. Where were the goals going to come from with that front 4?
  13. Embarrassing. Starting 11 were dreadful bar hamza and albrighton. Can’t wait for Puel to get out of this club so we can start playing attacking football again
  14. Thanks. Yeah seen videos of the Batu Caves and they look amazing. Tbh I’m most excited about the food lol.
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