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  1. Free on Portuguese TV & Dutch TV 😁
  2. Got the Huawei Mate 20 x 7.2" Bloody great phone & big ++++ for Them. I'm all for Huawei... Fcuk Google Fcuk Facebook Fcuk Twitter ECT...
  3. Vossen


    willy pullers !!!
  4. He used to drink in the Humberstone pub in the village... Went to his 50th there... He'll be missed.
  5. & You wonder why us Brits have such a great reputation abroad...
  6. VID-20200318-WA0001.mp4.7023bc3a4f31912ff8c34775f2d61950.mp4
  7. Anybody who read Vardys book will know he was not liked by the players...
  8. Just got a new Huawei GT2 smartwatch & wondering if anyone has any Leicester watch faces ? Thanks.
  9. Adguard is on offer on eBay €15 for a lifetime license... Brilliant & not one ad in any apps gets through 👍
  10. Just got the new MX box...Help needed for new addons please.
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