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  1. Apologies if this has been mentioned anywhere. Any need on what is likely to happen re ticket refunds?
  2. You know we’re going to beat Chelsea and then the FA decide to play the semi and final behind closed doors due to the Coronavirus
  3. When do the club shop sales usually begin? I have some gift cards which run out on 1st May and was hoping to get more for my toddlers in the sale. Thanks
  4. Sure you don’t want a rest and to sell your ticket?🤪
  5. Anyone else been scammed by this guy? Takes the money but no ticket?
  6. Maybe a little harsh but I’d take 60m for chillwell and develop justin as a left back. Very overrated player. His positioning is consistently wayward and going forward he rarely takes anyone on, combined with the fact his delivery is also fairly poor. justin has been decent when playing. He just needs to work on his end product.
  7. Simple for me. If playing the same formation. Choudhary in for Tielemans who has been poor recently. Justin in for chillwell. Again, very poor. Justin shows no fear and has a go at full backs. thought Perez did well yesterday but iheanacho seems to be more clinical.
  8. Definitely. Just got got get behind them and create a great atmosphere
  9. Looking for 1 or 2 references for villa away, 2nd leg. Doesn’t look like will get to my category. Thanks
  10. Long shot...doubt will get to my category so looking for 2 references for away leg. Thanks
  11. Long shot... after two references adult references if available. Don’t think it will get to my category. Thanks
  12. Needs more of a classic look, with stripes down the arm and to lose the gold. Underwhelming
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