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  1. Alexikokopops

    17/18 season tickets

    Unsuccessful. Second year running. Given there were only 900 applicants I'd have expected someone on here to get one.
  2. Alexikokopops

    Wanderlust and baby

    Thanks! We've got a 6 week overlap between Mat and Pat leave so we're working out if we can go somewhere interesting then. In July though, so not the ideal time to visit a lot of interesting countries! Following your Instagram isn't particularly helping things!
  3. Alexikokopops

    Wanderlust and baby

    I look forward to reading this, especially as someone who has a child on the way in November and would like to go travelling...
  4. Alexikokopops

    Train speeds...

    I once met a proper train spotter. Nice guy, but once shat himself in Austria because he was to busy spotting trains to go to the loo. That, my friends, is dedication.
  5. Alexikokopops

    Southampton Tickets £20

    Already mentioned here. Southampton are charging £30, Virgin Media are giving £10 back to fans who go to make it £20.
  6. Alexikokopops

    All away tickets to be capped!

    Surely if every allocation is 3000 for arguments sake, Virgin Media will just give Southampton £30,000 to cover costs? So if my maths are right £570,000 over the course of the league season. Tickets will still cost £30 when you buy them, but you'll be given £10 back when you go through the turnstiles at St Mary's. Most likely by people wearing some kind of Virgin Media branded clobber so you know who's funding that. There's no discount on travel, just £10 on your match ticket when you get to St Mary's. So it's for all away fans going to St Mary's.
  7. Alexikokopops

    All away tickets to be capped!

    Virgin Media will be subsidising every visiting supporter’s ticket from every Premier League club travelling to St Mary’s meaning adult fans will pay just £20. Source
  8. Alexikokopops

    KO v P'SG delayed to 5.05 UK time

    "Claudio Ranieri's side were due to take on the French champions at the StubHub Center at 8.30pm in Los Angeles – 4.30am on Sunday here in the UK – but will now kick off 35 minutes laters at 5.05am UK time." The other game now kicks off 2:05 hours before ours so should be able to squeeze penalties in.
  9. Alexikokopops

    Questions Thread

    Feedback and Support is your friendhttp://www.foxestalk.co.uk/forums/topic/107251-is-there-a-way-to-perma-block-a-user
  10. Alexikokopops

    Agents apparently approaching clubs

    Why would you if you can easily afford someone with much more experience of doing it who can get you a better deal than you could yourself?
  11. Alexikokopops


    I thought it was a foreign link that had been through Google Translate.
  12. Alexikokopops

    Hernandez Signed

    Here you go
  13. Looks like I haven't got one. Ah well, life goes on.
  14. THANKS. We have a deal. I get to indoctrinate him in the ways of Leicester, she gets to indoctrinate him in the ways of Wales. Specifically rugby, but I refuse to have a child that supports Wales for rugby and England for football so it will be Wales for football too. He/she is going to be born into a world where Leicester are Champions. Their Leicester supporting will peak at the time of their birth and just go downhill from there.